Autistic child won't eat

So I've been nannying for a family with one child, a 5 yr old boy with autism and ADHD (he's very verbal but is repetitive and likes routine). When I first started with him, I just did everything the parents said because I know they've done their research and they know their son. The only problem is, he won't eat. He "jogs", which means he'll eat a lot of the same food and then "lose" that food entirely (refuses to eat it ever). Today his dad ate breakfast with us, like every morning, and he said "ok, you eat your bacon and then you can play with blahblahblah".


Hello all! I work for a few families regularly. And since I don't really have adult friends, working with neuro-typical and special needs kids while being a homemaker and full-time student, I thought I'd have a birthday celebration with my charges instead!

There are 6 kids total:
8B - N
6B - N
10B - SN
8B - N
5B - SN
4G - N

Trying to figure out either a fun outing we can do that is sensory-friendly, or activities to do at my home.

Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated!

Twin just diagnosed Autistic

Hey everyone!
You may not remember me, but I was on here a little while ago with a terrible job that I ended up quitting. Well, I've found a new one with a lovely family that I adore. It's a single mom with twin four-year-old boys, and I've only been here a little over a month and I feel like I've known them for years. I love this job!

Going on vacation! I need some tips

I was recently asked to come along on spring break for a family I work for. We are super close, only being a few years older than myself. They are asking me to go along because their 3 year old has autism, and had taken a bond towards me. I have always worked with special needs, but never been asked to join on a vacation.
I was hoping for some advice, on what's appropriate etc.

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