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Live-In Nannies help!!

Live-in nannies can I pick your brains a bit?? I'm currently in a position where I nanny for my nephew (have been for about 14 months) and also live with them (sister and brother-in-law). I work 40+ hours a week, clean, help with the two dogs, grocery shop, etc. I live in San Diego and make $1,100 per month. I am well aware I make WAY under minimum wage but I also live here for free.

What do you guys get paid per hour or week? Is it minimum wage or more?

Charging for on-call days?

I'm moving to a new city and setting up work in advance. I was originally going to split my time between two families, but one of them fell through. I was already planning to be with the other family 2 days a week and now that the other position fell through they're asking about keeping me on-call for two more days a week. The grandparents usually watch the kids those days, but apparently they travel sometimes and the parents like the idea of knowing that I would be consistently available to pick up days if needed.

Salary raise in Boston,MA

I work for two families in Boston, it's a nanny-share. I've been working for them for over a year, after 13 months they just gave me a raise. I was so surprised how little the raise is, only $0.40 an hour from each family. I work too hard with the two babies, I used to get paid before the raise $19 an hour for two babies. Now is $19.80
I think I've been really cheap with them. I'm so upset about that. :(
Do you think I should ask for more? How much from each family?
Or time to move on?

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