Need help with salary!!

I work as a private nanny for two families (switching back and forth between their houses) with two girls aged 2 years and 20 months. One of the families is expecting another baby which I will be taking care of in August (baby aged 3 months at that point). I am currently paid a flat rate of $1800 a month so $900 from each family. I work 45 hours a week. I drive my own car to activities, but now that it's winter that is only twice a week at most. I will have to pay my own taxes as an independent contractor.

Salary pay?

Two families which know each other, are both trying to pay me a monthly salary. I asked for $15 an hour and they insisted that I choose a weekly rate. One of the families then said $250 a week for 40 hours which breaks down to $6 an hour. Which is unbelievable! I am a nanny not a babysitter. They keep trying to compare a nanny to a school or daycare and saying that they don't pay that much at a school. I havn't told them yet that a nanny is sort of like a luxury. We come to their home and care for their kids, take them to activities or appointments.

1 week on 1 week off nanny salary

I work for a famous family. I work 7 days then am off 7 days when the child goes to his moms house. I am paid 2,000 every month. I sometimes go on vacation with them and am not paid any extra. I also sometimes work 13-14 days in a row when the mom is out of town. And I am again, never paid extra. Sometimes (usually the night before ) they ask me to come in on a scheduled work day a few hours earlier than anticipated. This just happened and I said no I couldn't due to other things I had to do.

Need Advice on Salary

Hi and thanks in advance for reading . I have been with my family for 4 years now. The little girl I watch will be starting school full time in September so Ofcourse my hours will be cut .The family still needs me for morning care to take her to get her ready for school and then pick her up from school and stay with her until they get home from work.


Salary vs hourly

So I've been with this family going on two years in august and they had twins a month ago (they also have a 5yo) and currently I'm hourly and I make OT every week. But they do have 6 weeks of vacation a yr and family randomly shows up and I get sent home for 2-5 days while they are visiting because they don't need me. I do not get paid for this, and it's always unplanned. They brought up doing salary so I get a constant pay check even while they have their vacation.

Advice on weekly salary

I have been with this wonderful family for one year. The baby was 3 months when I started, he is now 15 months old. One question is, I'm making $450 a week, working between 48-52 hours M-F. That's less then $10 per hour. It's my fault, I agreed to that salary, but was originally hired for 4 days a week at $325 per week for 42 hours a week. I screwed myself there also, not calculating the numbers correctly. Anyway, it's a wonderful family but I truly think they haven't sat down and realized what a great bargain they are getting for a full time nanny, coming to there home everyday.

Anyone work for a Teacher? How do you handle all the time off as far as your salary?

Hi everyone! I just went on a nanny interview this morning. Both parents are teachers. I will be caring for 2 little girls five full days a week. We discussed everything thoroughly and a weekly salary was stated. I left there however very unsure as to how they handle the holidays. Do you think it is unfair to ask for payment of my regular weekly salary when they have off.?Teachers have a lot of holidays and holiday weeks off and I am not sure what they will do.


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