Thinking about quitting

I just started a new position as on on call nanny for an agency. The problem I have is that I feel underpaid. $16 an hour for any amount of kids and no matter if they have behavioral issues of any sort. We are NOT allowed to decline a job for any reason. I havn't been getting many jobs so my pay is literally unknown each week. Especially that parents cancel when they dont need me after they have already scheduled! That has happened to me several times and I just started 3 weeks ago. That means I am not getting paid for what i thought i would be.

Bright Horizons Nanny Care Job

Someone from bright horizons has reached out to me and asked if I was interested in a position. Basically bright horizons has a program for back up care. Families that have tmobile or microsoft, etc can go to bright horizons and hire a back up nanny. I was told that this job is on call with 2-3 days notice, possibly 1.

Question about pay

Hi, nannies. I've got a question concerning pay.

Up until now, I've been working part time anywhere from 10hrs-24hrs a week (mother's schedule fluctuates) for $10 an hour.

She just told me today that she'd like to pull the little girl out of daycare and have me on full time. This would be great, except she specified she wants to do a monthly rate.

Advice on weekly salary

I have been with this wonderful family for one year. The baby was 3 months when I started, he is now 15 months old. One question is, I'm making $450 a week, working between 48-52 hours M-F. That's less then $10 per hour. It's my fault, I agreed to that salary, but was originally hired for 4 days a week at $325 per week for 42 hours a week. I screwed myself there also, not calculating the numbers correctly. Anyway, it's a wonderful family but I truly think they haven't sat down and realized what a great bargain they are getting for a full time nanny, coming to there home everyday.

How to explain...

I've been nannying/ tutoring an 11 yr old with special needs throughout the summer. His mom asked that I do before and after school care when school starts in a couple weeks. One hour in the morning and two after school.

I live about 20-25 mins away depending on traffic and so it usually costs about $6-8 (until gas prices go up to almost $4 a gallon...then it will be more) round trip.

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