bad behavior


Hi so lately the family i work for which is 4 kids total have been getting sick lately and they have asked me to take them to the doctors a few time and then the other times the mom will make me come with for the appointment when theres just one child. I feel she's just being cheap and not wanting to pay me coming in later after the appointment. I dont feel comfortable anymore with taking or going to doctors appointment. Also recently the youngest was diagnosed with diabetes and having to give her shots and test her sugars added pressure on the day.

Behavior Struggles

Before I began nannying I worked at a drop off childcare center for over three years, working with ages newborn to thirteen years old. I'm still there part time, but I'm with a family now, and have been for almost two months now. The mom doesn't work at the moment, so it's more of a mother's helper position. She has a three year old girl and two month old twin boys. Bonding and adjusting with them all has been great.

PLEASE HELP!!!! I'm out of ideas...

I have been a Nanny for this family for 3 years now, I started when their frist was 1 month and she is currently pregnant and due in April. From the beginning I noticed discipline was going to be a isssue Bc Mom feels guilty and I understand that but now he is 3 and being thought that being disrespectful and not listening is ok.
When he is with me he is wonderful and at school (4 hours twice a week) he is wonderful but the second Mom or Dad walk in the door he is a completely different child, I'm talking .... I don't even know who he is.

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