how to quit

Am I being too dramatic? I want to quit.

Not sure where to even begin! I have been a nanny for nearly 8 years so needless to say, I have experience with all the highs and lows of the job. I can truly say, your employers play a huge role on how enjoyable (or not so enjoyable) coming to work each day can be.

Need to Leave but I'm Stuck

I started with a second family for Wednesdays and Thursdays last week. Since then, 80% of what they said in the interview has been a lie. They asked where I like to take kids for outings and if I will take their girls, but won't let me drive anywhere or even walk. They asked about taking their youngest with me to my other family for a nanny share, but again won't let me drive or walk. The pay is lower than what we agreed, when asked about it, the mom accuses me of making the other figure up. I also got yelled at for having to use the restroom during the kid's waking hours.

How Do I Respectfully Quit My New Nanny Job?

It's been almost 3 months that I have worked with this family as a live in nanny(for room and board). When I started, I couldn't tell the future, and my relationship is more serious than I ever would have thought it would be three months ago. I initially thought I would be spending a lot of time at the house just doing homework. I spend a lot of time at my other job, school, the library, and spending time with my boyfriend, and fitting my family into that. I have nothing bad to say about the family, they are wonderful people.

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