stay at home mom

Cars and taking children places

Hi so I am having problems understanding my need as a families nanny. I am live in and do not have to feed or get children ready for school in the morning but I do walk 5 year old to our neighborhood school in the morning. The dad comes home from work to take 3 year old and will bring her home but also pick up 5 year old from school. During the day I am only needed to drop 5 year old off at school and feed 3 year old lunch and put her down for nap but my delima is that mom works from home and can make her own schedule so I don't see why I'm there to just do those small things.

Getting on the same page with potty training

I have been with this family for a little over a year. I watch two little boys (ages 4 and 3). The 4yo was already potty trained when I started. The 3 yo however is not potty trained. In my opinion he was ready to be trained 6mo ago but for some reason the mom won't do it!! I've been trying to train him when I'm there and he does great but the second I leave she puts a diaper on him!! What kills me is that she's a stay at home mom so it's not like she's too overwhelmed with work or cleaning (she has a housekeeper and I clean up after the kids) I feel like she just doesn't WANT to.

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