Am I horrible if.....

So, I LOVE the family I nanny for-- the parents, the kids, and the relationship we have. I have been with them for 3 years now, and would love to stay with them longer. However, last year I had a facial nerve injury and it has made the job much harder--- being in pain, trying to schedule appointments, and having to be in "happy/ nothings wrong" mode around the kids even though I'm struggling with coping with my new chronic pain. I recently found out that my sister's daughter has been approved for medicaid and my sister has offered me the position to work as her caregiver.


Leaving ...

Ok ... so if you have followed my story ... you probably want to slap me for still hanging in with the same family ... but I am at a breaking point...

The dynamics in the household ... parents and kid (I could go on forever...) have made me depressed. I always want to cry (or I get agitated first, then cry); I have trouble going and staying asleep and I just wish I could stay in bed all day with the covers pulled over my head; I have lost weight (not good ... I am tiny to begin with); my only true outlet ... hiking ... just isn't fun anymore .

When and how should I tell family that I'm leaving?


I'm new to this sight and am hoping someone can help me out.
I've only been a nanny for this family for 3 months, they are wonderful and have twin girls. Mom and dad are very sweet and understanding of things as well.

I was offered a full time office job with benefits and will eventually pay for me to go back to school as well. I know this job is something that I want and will go back to school for. Right now the pay is good, with nanny job, but I'm not receiving benefits and don't have much room for growth.


Bear with, this might be long!

I've been nannying for the same family for a little over a year and a half. They have four children, including one baby. I've recently decided to go back to school for Nursing and qualify for an accelerated program because I already have a BA. The problem is, when the family found out, not from me (while I was still deciding if it was the right step for me) they got really upset and confronted me asking why I had lied to them.

Family is insufferable

I posted only a few days ago that my family never gives me notice of a change in schedule and that they're always late even though MB works from home. It has managed to become worse, they are questioning every move I make. Accusing me of speeding/braking too hard/hitting a lot of curbs/ being distracted while driving with absolutely zero proof. Now they want a detailed schedule of every second of our day and want me to text constantly while I'm out with the kids. It's all too much. They offered to pay for me to get core college credits and even that's not enough to get me to stay.

When to tell family I am leaving

Hello all. I am new to the forum and am looking for some advice. I have been with my current family for about two years. The family is great - I have a great relationship with everyone. I took this job after college because I wasn't convinced that I wanted to be stuck in an office every day. I had been babysitting most of my life and I really do love working with children. That being said, I never thought I would be here as long as I have been. I make just enough money to live off of, and at this point there is not any room for upward mobility.

Leaving & Moving Far Away

So I need some advice. I have been with my current nanny family for a year, and I am leaving them next month to move from Pennsylvania to Minnesota with my husband. I am so heartbroken to be leaving them .. I have grown to love the children as my own, and even find myself missing them on the weekends! The children are ages 2, 5, and 7. I'm not sure how to deal with all the emotions of both myself, the children, and the parents. Everyone is pretty devastated. How do I make this transition easier for them and myself? What have you nannies given as presents to your charges before you left?

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