I want to quit

I have worked for this family for 6 months and i cant handle it! there are 2 boys, 8 years and 11 years. The 8 year old acts like a 4 year old!!!! He is spoiled beyond belief with their credit cards and the endless things they get away with. The only punishment option they gave me is to take away his ipad, and now during the summer only some of the activities can be taken away. He throws tantrums constantly, usually lasting about an hour. he has no respect for me or his brother. He spits on his brother, hits and screams till his face is red with rage!

Anxiety about quitting job with PSYCHO mom

Hey guys! I'm sorry for the length of this, I just felt that it was necessary to let you all know everything that has been going on. I'm hoping to get some good advice on here becasue I am truly stuck right now..
So I'll go ahead and give you all some background info on this new family..

Resignation Breaking Verbal Agreement - No Contract

Hi There,

I've been employed by this family since I graduated college less than a year ago. Upon hiring me, the mother hesitated stating she was nervous that I would get a real job and leave them high and dry after a few months.

Awful resignation experience

I have been working for a family for almost 1.5 years now. I've always felt super underpaid (I make $10 an hour and do grocery shopping/errands/children's laundry/all bedding/et.) but I found out last Saturday that the government was giving me enough aid to go back to school full time. I gave my notice the following Tuesday (July 19) and let them know that my last day would be the Friday before school started. It ended up being a 3.5 weeks notice (25 days), but my boss flipped out. First she started telling me I wasn't allowed to quit.

Handing in my notice today

Hi all

I recently posted on this forum looking for advice about an employment situation that was less than ideal for me. I received helpful feedback and am preparing to hand in my two week notice today. I have already secured a new position with a law firm, as I feel it is time to put my degree to use. Any last minute tips or words of encouragement would be appreciated. I have never resigned from any position before.

Thank you!

Advice on Giving Notice?

I've been a nanny for a family for quite a while (several years) and I've recently given my 6 months' notice. The problem is, they have a big trip planned at the end of it and would like me to go, and I just am not in a place to join them. A job hunt, family commitments, and other personal things are grounding me at home and when I mentioned not going they seemed less than enthusiastic. Is it appropriate to be firm that I can't include the trip in my notice? And if so, how would other nannies suggest I bring it up with them?


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