18 month old for $500/wk. Yes or No?

I have a job offer to take care of an 18 month old boy for about 45 hours a week and get paid $500 wk (taxes reported).

I would be in charge of wiping down toys, mopping kitchen floor, kid and mom's laundry, kid and mom's dinner.

I'm a new nanny so I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it. What do you all think? Is $500 a decent wage for the work?


Upset when mother leaves

So, I've helped this family out for the this child's whole life. They are 18mo and have been looked after by me at least once week since they where born. All a sudden they get really distress when mom leaves. Has soon has I get there they know that means moms to going to leave and starts crying. I know at that age children can do through a separation anxiety stage. I just really worried it's going to get me fired!

After awhile they are fine giggling and running around. Any tips in how to approach this? Thanks


Best age to take care of?

I took on a job for 3 kids ages 5-9. It was a mistake, because it is my very first time nannying and even though the kids are overall ok, the work load is immense. The family has cleaners coming in regularly so the house is not that hard to maintain, but I am having a hard time keeping myself together physically and mentally. I get paid $16/hr.

Help with nap time!!

I just started working with this family, they have a darling 7 mo. old and an active 4 year old. The whole day is perfectly fine, but when it comes to nap time, the 4 y/o WON'T go to sleep, or even stay in bed for quiet time... I feel like I've tried everything, having him jump on his trampoline during the day to get extra energy out, not eating a bunch of sugar, playing outside, making a deal with him that we can play scavenger hunt (his favorite game), or watch a show after nap and nothing has worked.

How much should I be paid?

I'm a 21 year old nanny with 5 years of childcar eexperience and 3 years of college experience. I am First Aid/CPR Certified. Currently I'm in charge of a 2.5 year old boy (J). I work 45 hours a week and keep my schedule very flexible so that I can accommodate their social/personal/work needs. Other than taking care of J, here are some of my responsibilities:

Aggressive toddler! HELP!

I have been a nanny for many years and I know that boys can be VERY aggressive, but the family I'm currently with has an extremely aggressive 2YO. His brother is 8 months and like any little brother, he wants to play with his older brother. I have tried keeping them in separate corners and changing the play when they are around each other, but it's not working. Today I went to the garbage can to throw away a diaper. I was literally out of the living room for 20 seconds!!! I come back and the 8month baby is screaming crying and his brother is laughing.

3 y/o can't handle separation from mom while mom sleeps during day

I work for a family where the mom works overnights and I come to watch two little girls while she sleeps during the day. The younger one is easygoing and I have no issues with her, the 3 year old is another story... tantrums and anxiety when the mom has to go up to sleep, and it continues every day that I watch them for a few hours, no matter what I do to distract her.


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