I quit my nanny job

So I watch this little girl, and when I had he interview with them to begin with they told me that my schedule would be set. While working with them, I wouldn't know when exactly I would get off anywhere from 4-7 which is ridiculous since they told my schedule time to be off is at 6 and ocasional 7, with notice.

The girl is sweet, why I hate to leave the job. By I don't get paid time off, holidays, vacation and not to mention a little less than min wage and work on a Saturday.

Interview / Job Limbo


I'm currently looking for a new nanny job and I have found a family I am really interested in working for. We've had two interviews so far and they are going to schedule a couple of trial days in the next few weeks. The job would start in the middle of June.

They are a great family and I could see myself being very happy working for them.

However, I feel like I am in limbo as they haven't committed to hiring me. Do I keep looking for other jobs?

2 really different opportunities. Help!!

Hello Nannies!

I recently posted a little about a job opportunity I have in Miami Florida.
Well I am currently waiting to here a final word back ( by Monday I should know )
I was contacted by another family in the DC area and we had a phone interview and a Skype interview last night!

Now I have not been offered either job yet ( technically ) but both families are very interested and have ask for references.

The problem I am having is that they both have really good pros and both have cons when you compare them.

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