Interview advice + pay

Hi everyone, i'm still looking for a job and have an interview tomorrow and one on monday. I need some advice. I have anxiety and sometimes during interviews i get choked up and probably make myself look bad. Like if they give me a scenero I choke up and say something dumb, but I would really do something different. I have a passion for kids, but my anxiety and talking to adults sometimes doesnt go well.

Difficult child/situation

I am a nanny for a four year old girl and a 15 month old boy Monday-Thursday. The family dynamics are tough because both parents work from home. The little girl is stubborn. She runs the household and so far I have seen no discipline. She throws fits over little things and will not share at all with her brother. In fact she often doesn't even want him around. I have tried to talk things out with her during a tantrum, I've tried walking away, I've tried reasoning and reassuring her feelings. Nothing works.

Family splits up, now working for the dad

Hi everyone! I'm in DESPERATE need of advice. I started nannying a cute baby girl almost a year ago, but in November the parents split up and the mom moved to a different city. The father works a lot of hours and needs me there the four days he has his cute little girl (who is just about to start walking!) Anyways, I am soooo so attached to her. I've been watching her since she was 6 months old, and I don't want to leave her in the middle of the split up. She goes to her mom 3 days, dad 4 and I work a majority of the days with her while he's at work.

Kids Having Separation Anxiety

I've been at my job since September. It's the greatest job I have ever had. The 19 month old and the four year old have started this thing where anytime there mom wants to leave the house, the latch onto her and scream and cry. I have to pry them off and drag them inside. Nothing has changed in our routine and I don't do anything that should warrant this level of anxiety. The kids and I do fun things together every day. About 5-10 minutes after their mom leaves, the relax and everything is great.

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