violent kids

Keep being attacked by 7 year old/how to know when to quit?

I've nannied two girls ages 4 and 7 for almost a year now. At first they were great then began throwing more tantrums, but nothing too crazy. But in the past couple months the 7 year old has started biting me, throwing things at me, scratching me, punching me, basically attacking me in anyway possible. She's also threatened me saying things like "I wish you were dead" or "I'm gonna torture you until you start crying" or "I'm gonna kill you".

Hard to deal with 13year old boy

I have been nannying for a family with 4 children (13boy,11boy,twin 5yeaf old girls) for a little over a year. The three younger kids are relatively easy with the typical child upsets here and there but my issue is with the 13yr old boy. Last May/June ish he started really acting out. Becoming easily angered over very small things such as losing a soccer game between siblings and would sometime turn violent throwing punches and sometimes chairs and stuff.

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