My life matters too!

I'm currently working with a SAHM taking care of her High School aged special needs child, or at least that's what I get paid for. Mom seems to forget that my job focus is her child and not the entire families needs. lately, she's been relying on me to cook, clean and take care of the others, while she "runs errands." Last week she wanted me to work the weekend because they had church events all weekend and she wanted me to take care of her child. My response was "No, I have plans, and I'm busy next weekend too, so don't ask."

Former Employer Says I am Hurting Her Children Emotionally

Hello everyone! I am a former nanny as of almost 3 months ago when I left my nanny job of 4 years. I consulted this site many times over the years over the years, but never created an account. However, I see how wonderfully each of you is able to advise and comfort one another, and many of your posts are SO relatable to me. I am now experiencing a situation that is causing me so much emotional pain, and I am in desperate need of advice. So, first, let me explain for former job...

I think im done.

Hey guys,
So all I've ever done is work with kids, after finishing highschool I went straight into a permanent relieveing job at a daycare then moved onto being a preschool teacher, a year later i got offered a job as a nanny out of the blue and took it. I was with that family for 2 years, i became apart of their family and they became apart of mine. It was extremely hard for me to leave when i finished studying but i needed more hours and financially they couldn't offer them.
Anyway, I got a fulltime job looking after 3 boys aged 7,4 and 2(almost 3).

Rant / Future Jobs

Hi guys. I just started as a nanny for a family in August. They were super awesome at first, but last month they just decided to tell me they were moving, like it was no big deal. So I decided that I would take a teaching position that I was offered and just work for them part time until they move, (which as of today, is in about a week and a half.) Well, they weren't super thrilled about that, and so when I'm here they have me do extra things, like clean the whole house and watch their kids. They have a 5yo and a 1yo, and they don't let the 5yo go to the bathroom alone, or eat by himself.

Underappreciated and overworked nanny

I am a FT nanny for 2 kids, an 8 yo girl with Down syndrome and a 4 yo boy. I have worked for this family for over a year and a half. I get to work every morning at 7 to get the kids ready and then take them to school. The 4 yo goes to half day pre-k and I pick him up from school at 11. I am also a full time student. To help them out, I scheduled my classes between dropping them off and picking the 4 yo up from school and I also take online classes. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I do have a class in the afternoon.

Difficult Situation at New Nanny Job.. Help?

I just started a job as a nanny for two boys. In my initial interview, I agreed to a low salary and some vague chores.

Now "helping around the house" has turned into me doing the whole family's laundry, picking up groceries, doing all the dishes, walking the dog, cooking, meal planning, etc. all while watching the children. I should be making at least 13$ or 14$ an hour, plus gas money, plus overtime, but they paid me a flat $10 fee for everything and haven't mentioned helping with my gas or paying for the extra cleaning duties they've tacked on, my overtime, etc.

Optimism or Opposition?

Today, I spoke with the mother of three children I've been nannying for the past month with the intent of giving my two weeks notice. The girls are 3, 2, & 2. I expressed that I am overwhelmed b/c her girls lack structure, discipline, & stimulation.

Most days the four of us (& the two cats) are confined to a small unkempt apartment w/ a (sometimes functional) computer as the only source of entertainment. When the weather permits I pull the three of them in a wagon to a nearby park.


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