I was just wondering how much notice parents give you if you have to babysit? Also do we all have the choice to say no? I'm live in, i have set hours, get a set salary each week and i don't get paid for babysitting as the kids go to school during the day so i don't work then. Recently the parents have been asking me to babysit either the day before and more recently on the day of babysitting, sometimes even on the night of. It doesn't say in my contract how much notice they should give or if i can say no. I feel that i can't arrange any plans with friends incase i'm asked last minute.

Need Advice about Current Situation

I just found out my current family is moving out of the country so I obviously started looking for new jobs. I interviewed with a new family and ended up being offered the position that starts next week. I let my current family know right away (which was a week ago), however, they spent all of last week trying to convince me to stay. Finally over the weekend I explained that unfortunately I just can't stay with them until they move (which is in the middle of summer) and they asked that I stay through the end of next week knowing my new job starts next week.


Bear with, this might be long!

I've been nannying for the same family for a little over a year and a half. They have four children, including one baby. I've recently decided to go back to school for Nursing and qualify for an accelerated program because I already have a BA. The problem is, when the family found out, not from me (while I was still deciding if it was the right step for me) they got really upset and confronted me asking why I had lied to them.

Awful resignation experience

I have been working for a family for almost 1.5 years now. I've always felt super underpaid (I make $10 an hour and do grocery shopping/errands/children's laundry/all bedding/et.) but I found out last Saturday that the government was giving me enough aid to go back to school full time. I gave my notice the following Tuesday (July 19) and let them know that my last day would be the Friday before school started. It ended up being a 3.5 weeks notice (25 days), but my boss flipped out. First she started telling me I wasn't allowed to quit.

Advice on Giving Notice?

I've been a nanny for a family for quite a while (several years) and I've recently given my 6 months' notice. The problem is, they have a big trip planned at the end of it and would like me to go, and I just am not in a place to join them. A job hunt, family commitments, and other personal things are grounding me at home and when I mentioned not going they seemed less than enthusiastic. Is it appropriate to be firm that I can't include the trip in my notice? And if so, how would other nannies suggest I bring it up with them?

2 weeks notice

Hi again--

In your opinion, how much notice should you give the parents when you transfer jobs? I used the "two week" notice routine with my previous family, and they were so upset! The mom still doesn't speak to me. It's hard in the nanny world because I treat my job just like any other job-- however, there seems to be unclear guidelines for how to approach "resigning." Thoughts?

2 week notice

Is there any rules on a 2 week notice? A mom told me the day before I was supposed to come nanny again that she no longer needs my services and would give me my check from the weeks before but she did not give me any warning for me to find a new family or job. Just wondering if I should charge her for a 2 week notice or if there was any rules on this?

How to quit?

I nanny two families on the same street, just different hours, and between the the two of them I'm working 40-45hour weeks. I'm also a full time college student. This semester my school load got really heavy and I'm thinking about dripping my secondary family, however I hesitate because before the semester started, the family asked me multiple times if I wanted to do this. I feel if I tell them I can't, I would disappoint them and they would chew me out. And the amount of time it takes to find a nanny can be long and stressful, and I know she's already stressed.

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