part time

MB talking behind my back

I have Been nannying part time for a family for 2 years. I have Grown with their family and shared the joys with them when they had a new baby. Today like usual i was Watching the kids and like usual MB was running late. MB texts to let me know she is on her way home and asked if the kids are asleep. I explain That one is having a bad day and I’ve tried to put the child to sleep twice with no luck.... she texts back (but didn’t mean to text this to me) “she is so weird, she just bitches to me me about my kids” do i continue To work for them? Is it time for me to quit?

family wants to 1099 me!

I with This family Since August, no contact but good pay, its just a biweekly evening thing job. Last week they asked for my SS# i denied that information, they were upset about it because they want a refund on their child care tax credit... That's understandable. But that would mean i would get audited and owe a lot.

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