What to do when my employers want me to watch their friends' kids

This has only happened once so far, but I need to know what to do since I'm sure it will happen again sometime. My employers had friends over one weekend and had me watch their friends' 2 kids along with the boss's 2 kids who I already care for while they went out. Of course I didn't mind but I asked for extra compensation since 4 kids is a lot. I was only given $10 extra by my employer and I feel like it should have been the other parents to pay me instead of my boss since they are not her kids.

family wants to 1099 me!

I with This family Since August, no contact but good pay, its just a biweekly evening thing job. Last week they asked for my SS# i denied that information, they were upset about it because they want a refund on their child care tax credit... That's understandable. But that would mean i would get audited and owe a lot.


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