Divorcing Family

I have been a live in nanny for a family for about four months. I work with three kids. The oldest is 5, the others are 3 and 1. The oldest is very difficult. He screams at me, kicks me, punches me, and threatens to kill me. I gave notice about a month ago but then got guilt tripped into staying a "little" longer because mom is divorcing dad and was stressed and didn't have time to find a new nanny. The dad used to talk to me and be friendly. Then it transitioned into him making weird comments that made me uncomfortable.


I have a gay pride tattoo on my wrist. It is pretty simple and elegant. A couple months ago, I got a new nanny job and since it is winter, my boss has never seen it. At previous nanny and daycare management jobs, I didn't have the tattoo yet. What should I say when she sees it if she asks about it? If it were anybody else I just say "it symbolizes gay pride/equality, I designed it. Isn't it pretty?" Or something of that sort, but I feel like I should have a more professional response for someone I work for. What would you suggest?

Employee or self-employeed?

I'm a Canadian nanny struggling to find out if I'm an employee or self-employed. I assumed I was an employee because they pay me every two weeks on their pay day (which they said was non-negotiable because that's when the husband gets paid), I work for an hourly rate, they installed cameras shortly after I started working there (supervising), I have mostly regular hours (24 hours a week) and I went through an interview process. I was wondering who here is considered self-employed and why they're considered self-employeed and who here is an employee and why they're considered an employee.

Negotiating a contract- desperately need advice!

Hello all!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I desperately need any and all sound advice from other city nannies out there.
I began working for a very affluent family here in NYC one month ago, and we are still ironing out the terms of contract...

Here is the background info:
*I care for one child, a 2 yr old. Well behaved, but very active and entering the terrible two stage....however is truly sweet and better than most kids I've seen. I love him already and he is very bright!

How Do I Respectfully Quit My New Nanny Job?

It's been almost 3 months that I have worked with this family as a live in nanny(for room and board). When I started, I couldn't tell the future, and my relationship is more serious than I ever would have thought it would be three months ago. I initially thought I would be spending a lot of time at the house just doing homework. I spend a lot of time at my other job, school, the library, and spending time with my boyfriend, and fitting my family into that. I have nothing bad to say about the family, they are wonderful people.


Hey there, I've only been with my current nanny family (after many months of a live in nanny job that was down right horrible) for around a month. We don't have a contract and originally I said I could stay until the fall or longer but there's nothing in writing. However health stuff and a possible promotion at my first job that would include benefits have come up and the nanny job is getting it the way. And I'm really just not wanting a nanny job any longer.


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