Back pain, help!

Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and I'm looking for some advice. I nanny an adorable 21 m/o 40 hours a week. She's a really sweet kid and very bright, but there's one issue. She loves being carried. At first it didn't bother me much, but she's growing incredibly fast and has gotten quite heavy and I'm a small person. I've started having nearly constant lower back pain to the point where it's difficult to fall asleep some nights. I'm only 19 and I'm worried about the possibility of causing long-term damage to my back.

Feeling the Pressure

I'm watching toddler twins; a boy and a girl. They have an older sibling as well. The twins are 1.5 at the time being. Their older sibling, at this age, knew and recognized the entire alphabet. (That is what I've been told; I wasn't her nanny until she was 4) The twins are nowhere close to knowing theirs. I'm feeling the pressure for them to be at that point, but they just aren't! I'm trained in ECE and know that all children are different; even the twins are at different levels. But I just would like some other, outside opinions of how I should go about this issue further!

Screaming in Time Out?

I'm a recent college grad nanny to a three girls ages 6, 4, and 2. Discipline is always a timeout followed by a brief discussion about why the behavior made them end up in timeout. This works very well for my 6 year old, but the 4 year old always SCREAMS non stop whenever I give her timeout. She will literally be sitting in the corner howling for the entire 4 minutes and won't stop no matter how many times I tell her she needs to stop screaming. If the 2 year old is napping while I put her in timeout, she will wake the 2 year old up and the screaming doubles.


So, I've been working with this amazing family for about 8 months now. They have two children, two boys who I absolutely have great affection for. The MB is a stay at home mom, so we see each other every day and spend a lot of time together. Anyway, the oldest boy who is 3y/o has separation anxiety which is something we are still working on. But the other child who is just 16 months began showing signs of separation anxiety as well. I don't know if it's a phase he is going to go through or if he has picked up the behavior from his older sibling.

Difficult Situation at New Nanny Job.. Help?

I just started a job as a nanny for two boys. In my initial interview, I agreed to a low salary and some vague chores.

Now "helping around the house" has turned into me doing the whole family's laundry, picking up groceries, doing all the dishes, walking the dog, cooking, meal planning, etc. all while watching the children. I should be making at least 13$ or 14$ an hour, plus gas money, plus overtime, but they paid me a flat $10 fee for everything and haven't mentioned helping with my gas or paying for the extra cleaning duties they've tacked on, my overtime, etc.

Bit By Clients Dog

I started with a new family about a month ago, they have one dog and are watching another. Both dogs are great but their dog steals binkys! I've had once incident where the dog hoped on the couch which wasn't a big deal, but today was the 2nd time.. This time I tried to get it back.... And the dog bit me... Right through my hand blood and all!!! Should I tell the parents, I only said that the dog stole the binky today but nothing about the bite.


Hey ladies!

A nanny is very uncommon in my area of the south and you're very fortunate to get a position as such! I have been for 6 years straight and have worked for doctors, lawyers, public figures,etc .... My current contract ends on Aug. 20th and I'm almost sure they're going back to India so we won't extend this time. I haven't been able to find a reasonable family... Have any of you went about relocating (finding a job in different state) before? How did you or would you go about it?

Working for my sister, was this the worst idea ever?

So i am 27 years old and i am the nanny for my niece who is nearly 10 months old. She is a great child and i am enjoying being able to watch her grow and spend time with her because i never had aunts or uncles in my life.

but i think taking this job might have been the worst decision ever,

Need some advice about this!

I have been wondering if I have a great job and that I've been complaining in my head about nothing. Because I am thankful for this family. 2 kids, the boy is 6 and the girl is 1.5. i get paid a flat rate of 500 a week. No matter what. That means if they have family in town and I get 4 hours off that week, I still get 500. However, if I work overnight for 4 days and 3 nights that week (if they're on a trip) I still just get 500 that week. It's really difficult doing overnights by myself for that long. And towards the end of it I am thinking about looking for a completely different job.


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