hey nannies

a few months ago i had to quit nannying for my family of two years. I was their full time nanny from the time their daughter was a newborn until two years old. I experienced almost all of the child "firsts", went on family trips with them, and I really felt apart of their family. I had a really close bond to the entire family, and especially their child. I was her main caregiver, so as a nanny you can only imagine the bond we had. I had to quit because unfortunately the dad started to hit on me, and it just got very out of hand and inappropriate.

Re Nanny Insurance

Hi there, I will be starting a job as a Nanny in Madrid. There will be quite a bit of travelling involved. I'm pretty new to this and I am struggling to find Nanny Insurance that covers me. I currently live in the Uk. I would need insurance that covers, health, public liability and travel insurance.
If someone could advise me on this, that would be great. Stressing out trying to sort everything out. I only go the job last week and have to pack my life up in 5 weeks along with continuing to work as a Teaching Assistant.
I would be very grateful for any advice.

Interview / Job Limbo


I'm currently looking for a new nanny job and I have found a family I am really interested in working for. We've had two interviews so far and they are going to schedule a couple of trial days in the next few weeks. The job would start in the middle of June.

They are a great family and I could see myself being very happy working for them.

However, I feel like I am in limbo as they haven't committed to hiring me. Do I keep looking for other jobs?

Trouble putting a 1 year old down for naps!

Hi there! I've been a nanny for 3 1/2 years now, and I recently picked up another nanny job taking care of a 1 year old boy, and every time I try to put him down for a nap, he screams bloody murder. I try everything to soothe him (rocking, walking around with him, giving him a stuffed animal/blanket, singing to him) but nothing has worked. I hate to see him cry so badly when all I want to do is comfort him. Do you have any tips on other ways to get a stubborn baby to nap? I've never had this problem before, and he's such a happy baby before it comes to nap time.

Aggressive toddler! HELP!

I have been a nanny for many years and I know that boys can be VERY aggressive, but the family I'm currently with has an extremely aggressive 2YO. His brother is 8 months and like any little brother, he wants to play with his older brother. I have tried keeping them in separate corners and changing the play when they are around each other, but it's not working. Today I went to the garbage can to throw away a diaper. I was literally out of the living room for 20 seconds!!! I come back and the 8month baby is screaming crying and his brother is laughing.

Nanny Ebook

Hi Nannies,
A friend told me about an ebook that is coming out for nannies called "Nanny Confidential - A survival guide"
Apparently it looks at the good, the bad and the ugly of the nanny role.

It sounds great and was written by a nanny.

It doesn't come out for a while I think - sometime in August but you can see a picture here

2 really different opportunities. Help!!

Hello Nannies!

I recently posted a little about a job opportunity I have in Miami Florida.
Well I am currently waiting to here a final word back ( by Monday I should know )
I was contacted by another family in the DC area and we had a phone interview and a Skype interview last night!

Now I have not been offered either job yet ( technically ) but both families are very interested and have ask for references.

The problem I am having is that they both have really good pros and both have cons when you compare them.

I've been trying to quit for months now

So I work as a nanny here in Canada for a family with 14 month old twins. When I got the job I was very optimistic and felt I was treated well. I've been here for 6 months now and I am miserable. I've been meaning to quit for a few months but I'm scared and there's never a good time. I think I need some nanny encouragement as I have no friends that are nannies!

I'd also like to vent a bit and get some of the reasons I am so unhappy with work out there so here we go...


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