Too much work?

I started a new job in december. I was originally told that I would ONLY be cleaning up after the kids while I was there. During my first two days, the grandmother came to stay at the house, so she can guide me & for extra support while I get used to the work days/schedules. During this time she literally was going ocer everything with me. She was very harsh and telling me how to do things in HER WAY. Remember in the interview I was told I was only doing light house keeping after the kids, well during my first two days , the grandma literally treated me like a slave.

What am I doing wrong?

I just started a new nanny job about two months ago. I was never told I had to do so much house work, but I let it go and didnit anyways. It actually gives me something to do while the kids are at school. I noticed the 6 yr old has some behavorial issues. He throws things everything when he is mad and physically fights with his brother. He slapped me in my face when I was calming him down because he knocked over the heater. I am trying to get both of the kids to use their words instead of their body (hitting throwing) to express when they are mad.

Face Book Resignation

I have worked for a family for two years. Three days a week. No contract. I am paid $13 an hour. No holiday, vacation or sick time. No raises. I watch a two year old and now they have a newborn. The Mother is on maternity leave, I was told my work schedule would not change. The day before Thanksgiving they cut my hours from 27 hours a week to 15 hours a week. I also drive an hour each way to get there, which for the 27 hours I didn't mind, but for 15 hours for the three day total it is not worth the time. I have accepted a new job, closer to my home, one baby.

Burnt Out and Want to Start My Own Childcare Business

I've been working as a nanny for years and I feel like my time is coming to an end. My current family is super nice, but they have been getting comfortable with me taking on extra duties. Within my first six months working I got a raise and I even received a bonus for potty training the oldest. It has almost been a year and a half since working for them and I haven't received another raise, no bonus for potty training child #2, and I am doing chores that belong to the family.

Helping out! (First of many) post to come!

I have 30 years experience 8 grown children (4 biological and 4 step children ) and 7 beautiful young grandbabys and really raising little ones is all I know! I'm 45 years old.
I've been compared to a mix of Peter pan and Mary Poppins! Lol
My hair dresser had client he recommended me to.
We she is GRANDMOTHER who is fighting for custody of the two year old!
As a mother of 8 and a grandmother of 7 I feel very amorous of this lady cause!

Bratty 11 Year Old

I just started nannying for a family. The parents are divorced, lovely, funny and quite wealthy.
I have had much experience with kids from teaching and nannying all ages 3 months-13 years.
This family has one 15 year old who I understand want to keep to himself but the little girl is just...awful.
I was warned by the mother that she was a typical tomboy and not to be offended that she doesn't want to hang out with me and likes to keep to herself...

Not being paid AND being ignored

I have no idea where to even begin with this post. First of all, thank you for any advice or help... I'm completely lost!

Here's some background: I get paid $10 an hour to watch 3 girls ages 2,5, and 6. The girls are pretty behaved, but the older ones are very needy (I can handle that). I've been watching them for two months now, the parents are military that moved to a nearby base.

hey nannies

a few months ago i had to quit nannying for my family of two years. I was their full time nanny from the time their daughter was a newborn until two years old. I experienced almost all of the child "firsts", went on family trips with them, and I really felt apart of their family. I had a really close bond to the entire family, and especially their child. I was her main caregiver, so as a nanny you can only imagine the bond we had. I had to quit because unfortunately the dad started to hit on me, and it just got very out of hand and inappropriate.

Re Nanny Insurance

Hi there, I will be starting a job as a Nanny in Madrid. There will be quite a bit of travelling involved. I'm pretty new to this and I am struggling to find Nanny Insurance that covers me. I currently live in the Uk. I would need insurance that covers, health, public liability and travel insurance.
If someone could advise me on this, that would be great. Stressing out trying to sort everything out. I only go the job last week and have to pack my life up in 5 weeks along with continuing to work as a Teaching Assistant.
I would be very grateful for any advice.


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