Red flags?

I had an interview with a family and they kept canceling and apologized multiple times for beig flaky. She texted me multiple times and I ignored her. I finally told her I have taken on a new position. She immediately calls me and her voice is unrecognizable. She said her family is sick and she applogizes. She said she wants to do the interview and she will wait until my current position ends to hire me. She said she wants to reschedule.

1 week on 1 week off nanny salary

I work for a famous family. I work 7 days then am off 7 days when the child goes to his moms house. I am paid 2,000 every month. I sometimes go on vacation with them and am not paid any extra. I also sometimes work 13-14 days in a row when the mom is out of town. And I am again, never paid extra. Sometimes (usually the night before ) they ask me to come in on a scheduled work day a few hours earlier than anticipated. This just happened and I said no I couldn't due to other things I had to do.

Interview advice + pay

Hi everyone, i'm still looking for a job and have an interview tomorrow and one on monday. I need some advice. I have anxiety and sometimes during interviews i get choked up and probably make myself look bad. Like if they give me a scenero I choke up and say something dumb, but I would really do something different. I have a passion for kids, but my anxiety and talking to adults sometimes doesnt go well.

I quit my nanny job

So I watch this little girl, and when I had he interview with them to begin with they told me that my schedule would be set. While working with them, I wouldn't know when exactly I would get off anywhere from 4-7 which is ridiculous since they told my schedule time to be off is at 6 and ocasional 7, with notice.

The girl is sweet, why I hate to leave the job. By I don't get paid time off, holidays, vacation and not to mention a little less than min wage and work on a Saturday.

Help with nap time!!

I just started working with this family, they have a darling 7 mo. old and an active 4 year old. The whole day is perfectly fine, but when it comes to nap time, the 4 y/o WON'T go to sleep, or even stay in bed for quiet time... I feel like I've tried everything, having him jump on his trampoline during the day to get extra energy out, not eating a bunch of sugar, playing outside, making a deal with him that we can play scavenger hunt (his favorite game), or watch a show after nap and nothing has worked.

Being taken advantage of?

So I have been a proper nanny for over a year now but have over 10 years of experience with children. The family I currently nanny for is the second family I have worked for. I have been with them for about 4 months. I was brought on to work 6:45 am to 12:00 monday to thursday. Where most of my issue is is that some days the mother will be walking out the door and she will add in that the baby probably won't be tired enough for her 12 pm nap (after which I usually leave her in the care of her father who works from home). So I have been expected to just stay later essentially.

Too much work?

I started a new job in december. I was originally told that I would ONLY be cleaning up after the kids while I was there. During my first two days, the grandmother came to stay at the house, so she can guide me & for extra support while I get used to the work days/schedules. During this time she literally was going ocer everything with me. She was very harsh and telling me how to do things in HER WAY. Remember in the interview I was told I was only doing light house keeping after the kids, well during my first two days , the grandma literally treated me like a slave.

What am I doing wrong?

I just started a new nanny job about two months ago. I was never told I had to do so much house work, but I let it go and didnit anyways. It actually gives me something to do while the kids are at school. I noticed the 6 yr old has some behavorial issues. He throws things everything when he is mad and physically fights with his brother. He slapped me in my face when I was calming him down because he knocked over the heater. I am trying to get both of the kids to use their words instead of their body (hitting throwing) to express when they are mad.

Face Book Resignation

I have worked for a family for two years. Three days a week. No contract. I am paid $13 an hour. No holiday, vacation or sick time. No raises. I watch a two year old and now they have a newborn. The Mother is on maternity leave, I was told my work schedule would not change. The day before Thanksgiving they cut my hours from 27 hours a week to 15 hours a week. I also drive an hour each way to get there, which for the 27 hours I didn't mind, but for 15 hours for the three day total it is not worth the time. I have accepted a new job, closer to my home, one baby.


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