Leaving job, considering calling CPS

So I have been a live in Nanny for a family of 3 (B/G 1yr old twins and a 3yr old G). Things from the beginning were bad but I picked up and drove from Indiana all the way to Seattle to do this job so if I quit then I would be homeless, moneyless, and stuck in Seattle because my car will not make it back to Indiana.
Anyway. I have already decided I am leaving. It's all a matter of waiting for the pay to be able to either A. Fix my car or B. Afford a rental to get back to Indiana.

Is my kid normal?

I nanny for a 10 year old and a 6 year old. The six year old is unable to dress himself, wipe his own bum, wash his own hands, or even open a bag of chips. If I ask him to do anything for himself (such as carrying a small item from the car to the house) it generally ends in him crying, telling me he doesn't like me or that "it's not fair."
Maybe I'm overthinking and he's perfectly normal but from what I've read online he is at the age where he should be doing all these things himself. I would just like some feedback from fellow nannies as this is my first year as a nanny.

Temp Job Advice

Hey everyone! I'm new here so I'm not sure if there's any etiquette but I'm just gonna spell out all the details I think of and hope for the best! Thanks in advance for any comments!

I am summer nannying for a family while my usual Mom takes the summer off. I started at the beginning of June, part time with a work-at-home mom with the promise of moving to a 50 hour week starting in July when she would be starting a new job in the city. Now, the mom is staying home permanently and I’m working 40 hours a week.

Fed up with nannying

I have been a nanny for 7 years and I am thinking of not working in this field anymore. I have come across too many people who want to lowball and try to take advantage of me even when I am so straight forward and communicable. Too many families I have seen on or other sites who say they need part time or full time care. We talk about wages and I go to the interviews. I have questions for them as well. Then they say they only want to pay me a really low salary below min wage an HR, or say they only need occasional care!

Salary pay?

Two families which know each other, are both trying to pay me a monthly salary. I asked for $15 an hour and they insisted that I choose a weekly rate. One of the families then said $250 a week for 40 hours which breaks down to $6 an hour. Which is unbelievable! I am a nanny not a babysitter. They keep trying to compare a nanny to a school or daycare and saying that they don't pay that much at a school. I havn't told them yet that a nanny is sort of like a luxury. We come to their home and care for their kids, take them to activities or appointments.

New nanny needing advice... I think I'm being taken advantage of :(

So I just got my first time full time nanny job. Up until right now I have only ever worked for childcare centers. I am young too, only 19. I took this job on quickly to escape a job with awful pay. This is my second week being the nanny for this family, they have triplet four year old boys who are so much work and so poorly behaved I find myself crying. I make them every meal, and take them places and do great art projects with them everyday. I try so hard to make mom and dad happy.

Dozed off while baby was asleep, I think dad saw

I am the nanny for a 5 month old baby , 10 hrs a day M-F. Lastnight I had some personal stuff going on and I only got maybe 2 hours of sleep before having to be at work at 6. I'm young, i've pulled allnighters before no biggie. I made it work on time (5 mins early) . Chatted it up with mom who informed me dad would be home for a majority of the morning. Also no biggie. (Side Note: The family I work for is great, they make me feel like apart of the family, we have excellent communication etc.


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