When to tell family I am leaving

Hello all. I am new to the forum and am looking for some advice. I have been with my current family for about two years. The family is great - I have a great relationship with everyone. I took this job after college because I wasn't convinced that I wanted to be stuck in an office every day. I had been babysitting most of my life and I really do love working with children. That being said, I never thought I would be here as long as I have been. I make just enough money to live off of, and at this point there is not any room for upward mobility.

Quitting a horrible position....

I have been struggling lately with my current nanny position with being treated horribly by their second oldest - a twelve year old boy. He has the absolute rudest attitude of any child (of ANY age) I have ever worked with. He treats me like absolute garbage, ignores everything I say and is constantly breaking every rule set to him. I have addressed this issue with the parents three times now, and each time they say they will handle it but nothing ever changes.


Hey there, I've only been with my current nanny family (after many months of a live in nanny job that was down right horrible) for around a month. We don't have a contract and originally I said I could stay until the fall or longer but there's nothing in writing. However health stuff and a possible promotion at my first job that would include benefits have come up and the nanny job is getting it the way. And I'm really just not wanting a nanny job any longer.

Quitting Advice

I recently shared my issue with the family I work for tacking on more work. I have finally had it after trying to speak with them about my concerns to no avail. I have never quit or been fired from a nanny position, they have always had set end-dates due to a scheduled need for care, etc. I have no idea what is appropriate for a nanny to do. Resignation letter, email, sit down? They work so often and when they come home it becomes a mad house with the kids fighting for attention.
Any advice would be wonderful!

How to quit?

I nanny two families on the same street, just different hours, and between the the two of them I'm working 40-45hour weeks. I'm also a full time college student. This semester my school load got really heavy and I'm thinking about dripping my secondary family, however I hesitate because before the semester started, the family asked me multiple times if I wanted to do this. I feel if I tell them I can't, I would disappoint them and they would chew me out. And the amount of time it takes to find a nanny can be long and stressful, and I know she's already stressed.


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