Interview advice + pay

Hi everyone, i'm still looking for a job and have an interview tomorrow and one on monday. I need some advice. I have anxiety and sometimes during interviews i get choked up and probably make myself look bad. Like if they give me a scenero I choke up and say something dumb, but I would really do something different. I have a passion for kids, but my anxiety and talking to adults sometimes doesnt go well.

Question about pay

Hi, nannies. I've got a question concerning pay.

Up until now, I've been working part time anywhere from 10hrs-24hrs a week (mother's schedule fluctuates) for $10 an hour.

She just told me today that she'd like to pull the little girl out of daycare and have me on full time. This would be great, except she specified she wants to do a monthly rate.

Face Book Resignation

I have worked for a family for two years. Three days a week. No contract. I am paid $13 an hour. No holiday, vacation or sick time. No raises. I watch a two year old and now they have a newborn. The Mother is on maternity leave, I was told my work schedule would not change. The day before Thanksgiving they cut my hours from 27 hours a week to 15 hours a week. I also drive an hour each way to get there, which for the 27 hours I didn't mind, but for 15 hours for the three day total it is not worth the time. I have accepted a new job, closer to my home, one baby.

What should I be making?

I've been working for my current family for over a year and a half, I was initially paid $13/hour when I started. They have a 3 year old, almost 2 year old, and 4 month old. I work 40 hours a week, I take the oldest to preschool for 3 hours, two days a week, and the middle child has a TON of food allergies. When I asked for a raise after the birth of the third baby, they offered me a dollar more an hour. I now make $14/hour. I do housework, the kids' laundry, etc.
I am lately feeling very underpaid and very exhausted. Am I being paid fairly or am I underpaid?


I started working for the family I work with almost a year ago. At the time they had one child and 7 months ago she gave birth to her second. I get paid salary per week but my pay hasn't changed since the second baby had been born. She does give me extra money here and there but no definite increase. What is a fair increase to ask for for taking on a second child and how do I go about this?


Hello everyone I have a question. I nanny two boys 3-5 and they are both in school the older one in TK Monday through Friday 8-2:30 and the younger one only two days a week 8-12. For the times the the younger one is in school I decided I'd take a class in college so I don't waste time. Should the parents pay me that time or not? I'm not really sure how that should work since I do have to come back and forth. Thanks any advice helps!


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