Charging for on-call days?

I'm moving to a new city and setting up work in advance. I was originally going to split my time between two families, but one of them fell through. I was already planning to be with the other family 2 days a week and now that the other position fell through they're asking about keeping me on-call for two more days a week. The grandparents usually watch the kids those days, but apparently they travel sometimes and the parents like the idea of knowing that I would be consistently available to pick up days if needed.

Bright Horizons Nanny Care Job

Someone from bright horizons has reached out to me and asked if I was interested in a position. Basically bright horizons has a program for back up care. Families that have tmobile or microsoft, etc can go to bright horizons and hire a back up nanny. I was told that this job is on call with 2-3 days notice, possibly 1.


It's soo hard to find a job. I've been applying to 30 or more jobs a day. I'm having no luck finding a nanny job, and with only having a nanny work history, other jobs might see that as not good enough. I have this lady that reached out to me on she said she's low income and is trying to get state to pay for childcare. She said she doesn't know if it's a long term or short term position and she wants 10 hours for 3 days $10 an hour. Childcare and personal assistant duties. At this point i'm thinkin of taking whatever, but normally I would say no.

Salary pay?

Two families which know each other, are both trying to pay me a monthly salary. I asked for $15 an hour and they insisted that I choose a weekly rate. One of the families then said $250 a week for 40 hours which breaks down to $6 an hour. Which is unbelievable! I am a nanny not a babysitter. They keep trying to compare a nanny to a school or daycare and saying that they don't pay that much at a school. I havn't told them yet that a nanny is sort of like a luxury. We come to their home and care for their kids, take them to activities or appointments.

Interview advice + pay

Hi everyone, i'm still looking for a job and have an interview tomorrow and one on monday. I need some advice. I have anxiety and sometimes during interviews i get choked up and probably make myself look bad. Like if they give me a scenero I choke up and say something dumb, but I would really do something different. I have a passion for kids, but my anxiety and talking to adults sometimes doesnt go well.

Question about pay

Hi, nannies. I've got a question concerning pay.

Up until now, I've been working part time anywhere from 10hrs-24hrs a week (mother's schedule fluctuates) for $10 an hour.

She just told me today that she'd like to pull the little girl out of daycare and have me on full time. This would be great, except she specified she wants to do a monthly rate.

Face Book Resignation

I have worked for a family for two years. Three days a week. No contract. I am paid $13 an hour. No holiday, vacation or sick time. No raises. I watch a two year old and now they have a newborn. The Mother is on maternity leave, I was told my work schedule would not change. The day before Thanksgiving they cut my hours from 27 hours a week to 15 hours a week. I also drive an hour each way to get there, which for the 27 hours I didn't mind, but for 15 hours for the three day total it is not worth the time. I have accepted a new job, closer to my home, one baby.


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