I quit my nanny job

So I watch this little girl, and when I had he interview with them to begin with they told me that my schedule would be set. While working with them, I wouldn't know when exactly I would get off anywhere from 4-7 which is ridiculous since they told my schedule time to be off is at 6 and ocasional 7, with notice.

The girl is sweet, why I hate to leave the job. By I don't get paid time off, holidays, vacation and not to mention a little less than min wage and work on a Saturday.

Leaving ...

Ok ... so if you have followed my story ... you probably want to slap me for still hanging in with the same family ... but I am at a breaking point...

The dynamics in the household ... parents and kid (I could go on forever...) have made me depressed. I always want to cry (or I get agitated first, then cry); I have trouble going and staying asleep and I just wish I could stay in bed all day with the covers pulled over my head; I have lost weight (not good ... I am tiny to begin with); my only true outlet ... hiking ... just isn't fun anymore .

hey nannies

a few months ago i had to quit nannying for my family of two years. I was their full time nanny from the time their daughter was a newborn until two years old. I experienced almost all of the child "firsts", went on family trips with them, and I really felt apart of their family. I had a really close bond to the entire family, and especially their child. I was her main caregiver, so as a nanny you can only imagine the bond we had. I had to quit because unfortunately the dad started to hit on me, and it just got very out of hand and inappropriate.

How do I quit??

I posted on here a couple weeks ago about my nanny family and you guys gave me a ton of great advice. I make $250/week for 50 hours work and (thanks to your comments) I realize I am vastly underpaid and the children have only gotten much worse. I have made a decision to quit.

The part I need help with is HOW to quit. I don't like confrontation and I'm way stressed about how to even bring up the topic.

I want to end on good terms so I could (maybe someday) babysit the kids.

Am I being taken advantage of?

I babysit for a family while I'm at school which takes up about 15 hours a week of my studying time. I am payed $12 with a gas stipend, there are 3 kids. If I do choose to stay I am going to ask for a raise since more responsibilities have come along, I cook, laundry, clean, and they got a dog. However I've been dreading going back to this family because I feel it is not worth while... The mom comes home late... Often, when she knows I have a tight schedule and other places to go.

Heeelllppp!!! I am going crazy!!!

Hi everybody, first of all, I want to thank everyone for their support on this website! I just discovered it a few days ago and have been reading a lot, and I learned SO much from you that I finally came to realize how undervalued, underpaid, and taken advantage of I am and wanted to hear what your thoughts are on my situation. I will try and make it short and just put a general description.


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