I want to quit

I have worked for this family for 6 months and i cant handle it! there are 2 boys, 8 years and 11 years. The 8 year old acts like a 4 year old!!!! He is spoiled beyond belief with their credit cards and the endless things they get away with. The only punishment option they gave me is to take away his ipad, and now during the summer only some of the activities can be taken away. He throws tantrums constantly, usually lasting about an hour. he has no respect for me or his brother. He spits on his brother, hits and screams till his face is red with rage!

Job ended after 6 1/2

My first full time nanny job ended after 6 1/2 years in October. I am having a difficult time not seeing the children.

Things ended on good terms, the mother decided to retire so it was my time to go. I loved this job, family was great, kids amazing. The mother had told me she wanted to keep me around until the youngest child (girl) went to kindergarten. Well that changed quickly :/
I was giving a six weeks notice, then started working 50 plus hours as soon as the notice was giving. It was very difficult to search for a new job during that time.


New nanny needing advice... I think I'm being taken advantage of :(

So I just got my first time full time nanny job. Up until right now I have only ever worked for childcare centers. I am young too, only 19. I took this job on quickly to escape a job with awful pay. This is my second week being the nanny for this family, they have triplet four year old boys who are so much work and so poorly behaved I find myself crying. I make them every meal, and take them places and do great art projects with them everyday. I try so hard to make mom and dad happy.

How much attention?

Hi everyone!!
My name is Nicole. I'm new to nannying and new to this forum.

I am a nanny to 3 kids (4, 2, and 5 mo.). They ALL want my attention and a lot of it. The baby definitely trumps for obvious reasons. I usually fancy myself to be someone who is good with kids, but I leave feeling drained and emotionally unavailable.

Too much work?

I started a new job in december. I was originally told that I would ONLY be cleaning up after the kids while I was there. During my first two days, the grandmother came to stay at the house, so she can guide me & for extra support while I get used to the work days/schedules. During this time she literally was going ocer everything with me. She was very harsh and telling me how to do things in HER WAY. Remember in the interview I was told I was only doing light house keeping after the kids, well during my first two days , the grandma literally treated me like a slave.

What am I doing wrong?

I just started a new nanny job about two months ago. I was never told I had to do so much house work, but I let it go and didnit anyways. It actually gives me something to do while the kids are at school. I noticed the 6 yr old has some behavorial issues. He throws things everything when he is mad and physically fights with his brother. He slapped me in my face when I was calming him down because he knocked over the heater. I am trying to get both of the kids to use their words instead of their body (hitting throwing) to express when they are mad.

vent/need advice

I worked as a live in nanny for a family that consists of 6 kids. 4 school age children and a set of 7 month old twins.
When I first started out they said I would be working 30-40 hours and I wouldn't be doing any housework. Now since then, I've moved out and they're working me 50-60 hours a week and demanding I help do housework and be the parent while I'm only making 350 a week.. And since August they're always 4-8 weeks behind payment but since I was a live in... There wasn't anywhere to go.

Need advice

I've been with this family as a nanny since their twins were 3 months. Since then they have hired 2 other nannys as well to cover nights and weekend even though they are home. I've made I clear that I won't work during these times because both parents are there to take after the kids. The kids are great and so easy to deal with. They also have a 4 year old that they usually spend most of their time with instead of the twins (14 months) and I just feel so bad for them bc their older sister never had anyone else take care of her like the younger ones have had.



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