Too much work?

I started a new job in december. I was originally told that I would ONLY be cleaning up after the kids while I was there. During my first two days, the grandmother came to stay at the house, so she can guide me & for extra support while I get used to the work days/schedules. During this time she literally was going ocer everything with me. She was very harsh and telling me how to do things in HER WAY. Remember in the interview I was told I was only doing light house keeping after the kids, well during my first two days , the grandma literally treated me like a slave.

Guilty trip

I'm from America. I have babysat since I was 14 and this is my first time as an au pair. I'm 22. A family I've worked with for years are temporarily living in Australia and invited me out here for 3 months to help watch their 3 kids. They paid for my flights. I'm not paying rent, just living in their guest room. The pay is decent. And I'm included in dinners and have access to any food in the house (though I still feel guilty and buy my own little supply of groceries.) I'm a month and a half in.

Behavioral Issues 3 yr old... Leave or stay?

I'm sure every nanny has dealt with this at some point. I've never seen a child misbehave so badly. I'm currently a live in nanny to an awesome family. I care for 3 little ladies... 9 yrs, 3 yrs, 8 months. I have my hands full! I have the worst problems out of the 3 yr old. She throws these raging tantrums over the simplest things. The parents discipline her when they come home from work...usually around 6:30 in the evening. I dont find this method effective because she's being punished for something she did nearly 10 hours ago. How does she even know what she's in trouble for?

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