First Overnight, HELP!!

Hi guys , so I live in Texas . The family I am working for currently is expecting a mother child on the way so I'm set to work overnight when the mother has her baby .
They have a two year old boy and I can't for him 3 days a week from 8am-6:30pm . I get paid 11 an hour , but with this overnight I have no idea what to charge.
We figured a flat rate would be best since we don't know when she's going into labor. What do you guys think would be safe bet ?

bringing my baby to work- advice please!

Hello! I've been a nanny for this current family for almost three years. We have a great relationship and I genuinely care for the kids and I know the family cares for my little family as well. I bring my baby whose 8 months with me to work and I'm starting to struggle. I have a poor sleeper and a little explorer! She started crawling at 6 months and their house is in NO WAY baby proof!! They have a 2 year old but he was a totally different baby and we never had to baby proof for him. He was totally fine sitting down, not moving, and never wanted to pick up small pieces!

Telling nanny family about a new job offer

So, I've been nannying for the most wonderful family for about 7.5 months now, but the other day I got a job offer to be nanny for a family over in Italy. This is like a once in a lifetime chance, and I feel like it's at the perfect time in my life, since I'm taking a year off of school. The job isn't official yet, like we haven't even skyped or talked out details of how it would all work out, but I'm tempted to say yes. When should I tell my current nanny family about this?

Behavior advice

The current family I'm with I have known for 3 years and I taught their oldest, 6 year old girl, for 2 years. They have 6G and 4G. The 4 year old has some pretty intense undiagnosed behavior issues. M and D are kinda tip toe-ing around getting an evaluation. Both preschool and myself have given them resources both written and in the community they can look into. Currently I am watching 6G and 4G 5 days a week. M works from home Monday and Friday. I am having a few issues and I could use some advice. 4G can be violent during her fits. Throwing, hitting and kicking. Making verbal threats.

Job ended after 6 1/2

My first full time nanny job ended after 6 1/2 years in October. I am having a difficult time not seeing the children.

Things ended on good terms, the mother decided to retire so it was my time to go. I loved this job, family was great, kids amazing. The mother had told me she wanted to keep me around until the youngest child (girl) went to kindergarten. Well that changed quickly :/
I was giving a six weeks notice, then started working 50 plus hours as soon as the notice was giving. It was very difficult to search for a new job during that time.


New nanny needing advice... I think I'm being taken advantage of :(

So I just got my first time full time nanny job. Up until right now I have only ever worked for childcare centers. I am young too, only 19. I took this job on quickly to escape a job with awful pay. This is my second week being the nanny for this family, they have triplet four year old boys who are so much work and so poorly behaved I find myself crying. I make them every meal, and take them places and do great art projects with them everyday. I try so hard to make mom and dad happy.

Help with nap time!!

I just started working with this family, they have a darling 7 mo. old and an active 4 year old. The whole day is perfectly fine, but when it comes to nap time, the 4 y/o WON'T go to sleep, or even stay in bed for quiet time... I feel like I've tried everything, having him jump on his trampoline during the day to get extra energy out, not eating a bunch of sugar, playing outside, making a deal with him that we can play scavenger hunt (his favorite game), or watch a show after nap and nothing has worked.

New nanny needs tax information help!!

For 6.5 months I was a full time nanny getting paid by checks from a family with no contract ever signed outlining the details of my job, just a verbal confirmation. Taxes were never brought up in conversation and as I was a first time nanny I did not think to ask about it. My job ended about 2 months ago and I just received a call from my old nanny family asking me to provide information for taxes. I am really unsure what to do since no taxes were ever withheld my my checks and I never filled out any tax forms.


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