Not enough hours- HELP

So I am a very new nanny, though I have had lots of experience with children (camp counselor, coach, tutoring special needs children, ect). I have recently been hired by a nanny agency and I told the women that I am not comfortable with infants yet, since I don't have too much experience with infants. I am also going into college in August so I will only be doing this as a summer job. So far I have only been assigned about 5 jobs that are about 4-6 hours each.

Too many toys?

Hi everyone! I've been a nanny to a wonderful family with two boys, 9mo. and 4y/o for 4 months now, and they are the greatest. Ever since I started I noticed the 4y/o is easy to anger, gets overwhelmed quickly, and is always looking for space every now and then. I know that space is normal, but lately, and a few weeks ago he's been acting out a lot (having A TON of tantrums, screaming, and stomping off). The mom and I were thinking it might be an attention problem or still adjusting to the baby being here and adjusting to the balance of attention between the both of them.

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