Leaving family

Telling nanny family about a new job offer

So, I've been nannying for the most wonderful family for about 7.5 months now, but the other day I got a job offer to be nanny for a family over in Italy. This is like a once in a lifetime chance, and I feel like it's at the perfect time in my life, since I'm taking a year off of school. The job isn't official yet, like we haven't even skyped or talked out details of how it would all work out, but I'm tempted to say yes. When should I tell my current nanny family about this?

Need Advice about Current Situation

I just found out my current family is moving out of the country so I obviously started looking for new jobs. I interviewed with a new family and ended up being offered the position that starts next week. I let my current family know right away (which was a week ago), however, they spent all of last week trying to convince me to stay. Finally over the weekend I explained that unfortunately I just can't stay with them until they move (which is in the middle of summer) and they asked that I stay through the end of next week knowing my new job starts next week.

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