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Wrote about my situation a couple of days ago and everyone has given me great advice. If you want to see the post it's called, "Don't Want to be a live in nanny anymore." For those that don't know, I work as a live-in nanny for fraternal twins and it's a nightmare. I replaced their old nanny who was moving back to her homeland in Africa. Ever since she's left (1 week) things have really hit the fan and I've decided my time it up and must leave. I'm really scared because I just started and both parents work lots of hours. So they are basically really counting on me.

I don't want to be a live in nanny anymore!

I feel horrible, but I can no longer take having to be a live in! I'm a nanny to fraternal twins that just turned 3. I started about three weeks ago and I've just been not having the best time. I think mainly with the whole live in part. I work Monday-Friday and occasionally work Saturday morning. Family is super nice...but I miss home a lot. I'm 24 years old and I've never been so stressed out before. The kids refuse to sleep in their own bed, so they want to always sleep with me, basically I get no sleep.

Helping out! (First of many) post to come!

I have 30 years experience 8 grown children (4 biological and 4 step children ) and 7 beautiful young grandbabys and really raising little ones is all I know! I'm 45 years old.
I've been compared to a mix of Peter pan and Mary Poppins! Lol
My hair dresser had client he recommended me to.
We she is GRANDMOTHER who is fighting for custody of the two year old!
As a mother of 8 and a grandmother of 7 I feel very amorous of this lady cause!

Frustrated and need advice

Hello, this is my first post, so there's that. :) Now on to my problems.

I have a job as a live-in sitter, it was going fine at first but now I'm highly considering quitting. I feel as if I am being disrespected (I am not clean in this situation either, but I believe they are dirtier).

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