Appropriate pay

Live-In Nannies help!!

Live-in nannies can I pick your brains a bit?? I'm currently in a position where I nanny for my nephew (have been for about 14 months) and also live with them (sister and brother-in-law). I work 40+ hours a week, clean, help with the two dogs, grocery shop, etc. I live in San Diego and make $1,100 per month. I am well aware I make WAY under minimum wage but I also live here for free.

What do you guys get paid per hour or week? Is it minimum wage or more?

Need help with salary!!

I work as a private nanny for two families (switching back and forth between their houses) with two girls aged 2 years and 20 months. One of the families is expecting another baby which I will be taking care of in August (baby aged 3 months at that point). I am currently paid a flat rate of $1800 a month so $900 from each family. I work 45 hours a week. I drive my own car to activities, but now that it's winter that is only twice a week at most. I will have to pay my own taxes as an independent contractor.

Am I being underpaid?

I’ve been working with this family for almost 2 years now, Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm. When I first started with them they only had a 2 month old boy and mom was going back to work. They started paying me 250 a week/ 50 a day. They lived in a very small town (I live there too) and nany rates are super low. My duties were of course watching the kid, light housekeeping (sweeping, mopping, dishwasher, countertops). 4 months later they moved to the city which is 30 minutes from where I live and they used to live. House is 3 times bigger than the other.

Nanny Pay during Maternity Leave


I currently Nanny for one little girl and I am guaranteed 20 hours a week pay @ $15 an hour. The mom is expecting a baby in January and she informed me today that her employer will not be paying her during the six weeks off. She wants to pay me some kind of weekly amount, to keep me until she returns to work in six weeks but she has told me that she doesn't need me 20 hours a week during her maternity leave nor can she afford to pay me the guaranteed 20 hours without working. Has anyone been through this? Suggestion on what to ask for?

Should I get paid for days they take off?

I am currently caring for a 4 month old little girl that I've been with since she was a week old. In general I've had a pretty good experience with the family but as time goes on Ive begun to question whether or not I'm being treated fairly. I work 3-4 days a week, usually between 10 and hours a day at $14 an hour. This is the least amount of money any family I've worked for has offered and I do twice as much work for this one.

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