quitting advice

Is it time to move on?

I started nannying for a nice family almost a month ago. I get along great with the twin boys and the mom. I would text her my availability and she'd let me know what days she needs me. The mom is very busy and often gets back to me the night before the week starts which I'm okay with because I have an open schedule. I was unaware she rotated AM/PM shifts with 3 other nannies but then I started to notice she was letting go of somebody twice a week and finding replacements frequently. I'm not sure why she does that, it seemed odd to me at first.

How do I quit??

I posted on here a couple weeks ago about my nanny family and you guys gave me a ton of great advice. I make $250/week for 50 hours work and (thanks to your comments) I realize I am vastly underpaid and the children have only gotten much worse. I have made a decision to quit.

The part I need help with is HOW to quit. I don't like confrontation and I'm way stressed about how to even bring up the topic.

I want to end on good terms so I could (maybe someday) babysit the kids.

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