Hours worked

Hi! I was wondering if any of you have set specific hours (say 8AM-530PM) and if you get paid overtime if you work longer? Or if they "owe you" time if they are late or you owe them time if they are early and so forth? I am a current live-in nanny and the hours the parents get home from work vary BIG TIME. Some nights I am done at 5, some nights I'm not done till 6 which then means I feed the child dinner and so forth.

Is it common to just work whatever hours and get paid the same or do any of you get paid overtime and how does that work?



Not enough hours- HELP

So I am a very new nanny, though I have had lots of experience with children (camp counselor, coach, tutoring special needs children, ect). I have recently been hired by a nanny agency and I told the women that I am not comfortable with infants yet, since I don't have too much experience with infants. I am also going into college in August so I will only be doing this as a summer job. So far I have only been assigned about 5 jobs that are about 4-6 hours each.

Cut my hours

The family I started working for back in August guaranteed me at the time of my hiring to give me a min of 40 hours every 2 weeks. I went back and forth bc this family didn't offer paid vacation, paid holidays or pay sick days-- all of which my 2 previous families provided-- so that was a slight pay cut. However, the hourly wage was slightly hour and with a guarantee of 40 hours every 2 weeks I did decide to take it knowing this. For awhile I was getting 40 or more hours a week and then one day the mom tells me that her Hours at work got cut and they only need me 33 hours a week.

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