Being taken advantage of

Hi all, I have a few concerns. How many of you get paid gas compensation? I nanny for a 19 month old girl and have been with her since she was 3 months old. I got paid $600/ week when I started which is quite low for this white collar area. I work almost 50 hours a week. It came out to be $12/ hour plus change. When I hit a year, which I bit my mouth through the whole thing hoping I’d get a good raise, I got $25/ week extra. A normal nanny in this area should get a minimum of $25/ hour. Every month it seems a new task is added to my job.

Compensation (or not!)

So pay is dependent on where you live ... But I have started to do some research ... Nannies are DOMESTIC WORKERS. So under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act ...

Regular Rate
* must at least pay the federal min wage of $7.25/hr
* 8hrs may be excluded for sleep time (overnight care) unless sleep is interrupted to care for a child. Sleep hours are NOT excluded in CA)

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