I want to quit

I have worked for this family for 6 months and i cant handle it! there are 2 boys, 8 years and 11 years. The 8 year old acts like a 4 year old!!!! He is spoiled beyond belief with their credit cards and the endless things they get away with. The only punishment option they gave me is to take away his ipad, and now during the summer only some of the activities can be taken away. He throws tantrums constantly, usually lasting about an hour. he has no respect for me or his brother. He spits on his brother, hits and screams till his face is red with rage!

Bratty 11 Year Old

I just started nannying for a family. The parents are divorced, lovely, funny and quite wealthy.
I have had much experience with kids from teaching and nannying all ages 3 months-13 years.
This family has one 15 year old who I understand want to keep to himself but the little girl is just...awful.
I was warned by the mother that she was a typical tomboy and not to be offended that she doesn't want to hang out with me and likes to keep to herself...

Disobedient 3yr old

Hi nannies! Ok this is my first nanny job (a 1yr old and a 3yr old) I struggle a lot with the 3yr old. He screams out of no where instead of asking for what he wants, he doesn't eat anything but junk food (goldfish, chips, popcorn) I can occasionally get him to eat grapes but he won't even eat hot dogs. He just whines all the time and it's the most annoying trait. By the end of the day I am in an aweful mood. His dad kind of lets him do whatever he wants and the mom is more strict but she's never home since she has two jobs.

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