Inconsiderate/Paranoid Parents HELP PLEASE!

Background: This was my first "professional" babysitting job, met them through sittercity. Parents are both surgeons. Live in a huge mansion with cameras surrounding the house, the house security system as well as doorbell is connected to parents phone. They can see whenever someone's rings doorbell or whenever doors open and close in home. Average pay in my city is $12 per hour for one child and $15 for 2 children. Parents said they were only willing to pay me $11 for their 2 children. I agreed.

Grandma issues! Advice, please!

So I have been nannying for a family with twins since March. The grandmother lives on the other side of the country but comes to stay with the family for 4-8 weeks at a time. She goes home for a month and ends up coming back again. The first time she was here, she was wonderful to me and an incredible help. I loved having her here. Then she went home for about a month and came back for 6 weeks. This time she was terrible to me.

Frustrated and Feeling Disrepected- Please Advise Me!

Hello everyone- I care for a three year old little girl. I have been with this family since she was 10 months old. I have been taking her to a local Mommy and Me class since she is 16 months old. We both have made some very good friends there. I am an older nanny but made friends with one of the younger moms and her daughter and the little girl I care for became good friends. We would go to the playground with the girls after the Mommy and Me class and then out to lunch. . The little girl I watch can be very moody at times and dramatic. She cries at the drop of a hat.

I think im done.

Hey guys,
So all I've ever done is work with kids, after finishing highschool I went straight into a permanent relieveing job at a daycare then moved onto being a preschool teacher, a year later i got offered a job as a nanny out of the blue and took it. I was with that family for 2 years, i became apart of their family and they became apart of mine. It was extremely hard for me to leave when i finished studying but i needed more hours and financially they couldn't offer them.
Anyway, I got a fulltime job looking after 3 boys aged 7,4 and 2(almost 3).

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