Inconsiderate/Paranoid Parents HELP PLEASE!

Background: This was my first "professional" babysitting job, met them through sittercity. Parents are both surgeons. Live in a huge mansion with cameras surrounding the house, the house security system as well as doorbell is connected to parents phone. They can see whenever someone's rings doorbell or whenever doors open and close in home. Average pay in my city is $12 per hour for one child and $15 for 2 children. Parents said they were only willing to pay me $11 for their 2 children. I agreed.

Traveling again

I'm not having much luck on the work trips this summer. This one we are squished into a house with the kids cousins. 5 kids, the cousins parents, me and a dog. It's been raining since we got here ( and it's a beach house. Really meant for just sleeping not a lot of room and the shower is outside ). So the aunt and uncle have been fighting, the kids have been fighting.

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