Am I really asking too much? Advise please!

I know this is long but Please Stick with me!So today I had to have an uncomfortable convo with the family I work for. A little back ground; i work full time Mon-Fri I gave 3 months notice that I would need time of in January a weekend span from Fri-Mon, I would be back for 8 days of work tues- next Thursday, then I would be off Fri-Tues and be back Wed, 5 days total that I do t expect to be paid for. I have never called off unexpectantly or called in sick in the 16months I’ve worked for them. I got the time off, that’s not the problem.

1 week on 1 week off nanny salary

I work for a famous family. I work 7 days then am off 7 days when the child goes to his moms house. I am paid 2,000 every month. I sometimes go on vacation with them and am not paid any extra. I also sometimes work 13-14 days in a row when the mom is out of town. And I am again, never paid extra. Sometimes (usually the night before ) they ask me to come in on a scheduled work day a few hours earlier than anticipated. This just happened and I said no I couldn't due to other things I had to do.

Family Won't Pay Me...HELP!

Hello All!

So heres the deal:

I needed to find a short-term job while I waited for my long-term nannying job to start in the middle of July. I found a family that needed a sitter for a week and 4 days (mon - friday) and got the job shortly after. 3 kids - aged 8, 9, and 10. The mother (we'll call her Nancy) is my main communication.

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