I want to quit

I have worked for this family for 6 months and i cant handle it! there are 2 boys, 8 years and 11 years. The 8 year old acts like a 4 year old!!!! He is spoiled beyond belief with their credit cards and the endless things they get away with. The only punishment option they gave me is to take away his ipad, and now during the summer only some of the activities can be taken away. He throws tantrums constantly, usually lasting about an hour. he has no respect for me or his brother. He spits on his brother, hits and screams till his face is red with rage!

Behavioral Issues and Parents

So I have been a live in nanny (house manager, chef, tutor) for a year to a 10yr old boy (not disabled in any way) who is getting sex Ed classes in school right now ...

Though I have watched children from newborn up, a tutor for kids from the 2nd grade up and a high school teacher ...

Some comments would be helpful ...

* Yesterday I told the child he cannot act like a baby anymore to get his way ... he threw a crying tantrum

* He picks his butt, nose, toes, fondles himself, then sticks his fingers in his mouth, on the car, on me, in communal food

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