Hard to deal with 13year old boy

I have been nannying for a family with 4 children (13boy,11boy,twin 5yeaf old girls) for a little over a year. The three younger kids are relatively easy with the typical child upsets here and there but my issue is with the 13yr old boy. Last May/June ish he started really acting out. Becoming easily angered over very small things such as losing a soccer game between siblings and would sometime turn violent throwing punches and sometimes chairs and stuff.

What do I do now?! (Advice + venting)

I've been with my daytime family for 2.5 years. I started when they moved here from out of state and even facilitated part of their move. Mom is very busy and travels often while Dad works and takes a night class. Kids are 5 and 7 currently.
When I took the job my contract included child care, some transportation, lunch, children's laundry and tidying up area/toys that were used that day. I was paid $11 an hour, with no sick pay and one week of vacation (paid) but it had to coincide with their family vacation. Raises were an option every 6 months.

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