Parent neglect


The mother that I work for is being investigated with child abuse and neglect by the father. I dont see abuse maybe neglect with personal hygiene. The court may subpoena me to testify. She still wants me to keep working for her. I`m afraid she put accusations on me to keep the children. Should I keep working for her?


Today I was told that the oldest of three children has lice. They just found out today when at school. My problem is being their nanny do I risk and go into work and risk being exposed to possibly getting lice myself, which I hear is very hard to get rid of, or not??. My option via my boss was I could use paid time off. Of course who wants to use their paid time off for something that was unplanned and nobody's fault? Of course I can't afford to just not be paid and take the time off. I don't know what to do at this point. Am I being petty? How do I go about this?

How much should I charge?

Hello, So I am interviewing a new family. They have one, eight month old girl. I will be working 7 a.m until 3 P.M. three days a week. The Mother is a teacher so I would get the days and some of the summer off when school is not in session. They don't pay for when I am not there. Also, they are offering between 11-12 dollars a hour, and they would like to claim it. The Dad is a lawyer. This doesn't sound like a very good deal for me.....I have 15+ years experience and fantastic references. I am considering this job because it is just one child, and not to far from my home.

Annoying grandma

I hate when the grandma visits or helps watch the kids with you. They are always over dramatic and make things more complicated. It's like calm down I'm not replacing you even though I do spend the majority of my time with the kids.

Calling in sick?

Hey everyone, I've worked as a nanny for a few years and I love it. I started a new job in October with a great family with twin preschoolers and a single mom (no dad in the pic at all). When I started, the mom warned that she has a very high-power job and she needs someone very reliable. Okay, I can do that! Then in November, the kids got sick and then I caught it. I was out for one day with a high fever and came right back in the next day without fully recovering. Everything was fine, I think.

Quitting gracefully?

Hello friends,

Long story short. I have been with my family for 2 years. I was hired on as a nanny and light household help but over the last year it has drastically changed. I help out with parents laundry, take care of their pet, grocery shop, run errands, pack for trips, handle doctors appointments, and so more.

You name it- I do it. It's sad because I barely have time to spend with the kids because I am constantly cleaning or making dinner for family or whatever...

Venting/Anyone have a similar experience??

It's me again. I finally put in my two weeks notice as I was leaving last night. My boss did not take it well, nor did I expect her to. She texted me on my way in this morning that she didn't tell the kids I'm leaving and she isn't going to until my last day. I think this is manipulation so she can make sure I stay until the end of my two weeks. This way, if I leave early, the kids will think I walked out on them, which I couldn't handle. But I also think it's wrong to tell them on my last day. Shouldn't they have time to prepare instead of being blindsided?


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