Am I really asking too much? Advise please!

I know this is long but Please Stick with me!So today I had to have an uncomfortable convo with the family I work for. A little back ground; i work full time Mon-Fri I gave 3 months notice that I would need time of in January a weekend span from Fri-Mon, I would be back for 8 days of work tues- next Thursday, then I would be off Fri-Tues and be back Wed, 5 days total that I do t expect to be paid for. I have never called off unexpectantly or called in sick in the 16months I’ve worked for them. I got the time off, that’s not the problem.

Help needed!

Hi! I recently moved to New York from Oregon and am looking for a nanny job! I have 4 years experience but can't seem to find any families here. How do you find families you work for? Please help a fellow nanny in need.


Opinions when parent is sick?

Hi! So I've been a nanny since I graduated high school (6 years). I was a live in nanny for a family who had huge jobs and would literally go into work even if they had a high fever or symptoms of a stomach bug. There were times when I'd get a call Sunday before my arrival that evening to let me know that the kids were throwing up and they HAD to go to work. Of course without a doubt I came and stayed Sunday night-Friday as usual and got the big from the kids but continued to work. I was okay with this scenario because the parents did not have the ability to take the day off.

Need a new job but moving to Europe in 4 months

So I have a weird and unique situation

I'm a career nanny. I recently got married. My husband is from Austria but we live here in the US. He is here on a work visa. We plan to move to Austria this spring because his work contract is up earlier than it was supposed to be and he already has a nice home in Austria. We decided its a good place to have a family.

Talking to mother about time outs?

I nanny for a little 16 month old boy and have done since his first birthday. I’m always home alone with the child and feel that I should be taking charge of discipline when the parents arnt here. I have been teaching him that consequences come when I count to 3, but the other day I was watching his Mum count and she stopped at 2. Totally demeans my work. And I have started putting him in time out when the parents are away and I get to 3. He screams like any child but the time outs work. How do I discuss this with the Mum? She’s very over protective and I’m shy.


Should I get a new job?

Right now i work for an on call nanny agency. I don’t see many hours most of the time. I’m lucky if I get 40 hours a week. My cases (jobs) depend on which areas I choose to work. The more areas I choose, the more cases i will get. Right now, I choose the closest areas to me to work in. I don’t want to have to drive super far with traffic any day of the week, so I usually stay close to my house unless my manager asks me to take a case that’s outside of my regular city limits. I work with differnt families almost every day. I love working with kids.

Taken too far

When I first started, I didn't do much cleaning, this was a year ago. Slowly she started creeping dishes, laundry, and vacuuming. Today she took the child and said just do the regular cleaning up today, pretty much what her regular maids do, but I know she's not going to pay me the same amount.

So here I am no child and cleaning their house. What do I say about this


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