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It's been a rough week at work, I take care of twins who are nearly 10.5 months now and my DB is a single parent working from home so we have a pretty good relationship (more so than I've ever had or even wanted before this job). One baby (trying not to gender them to retain even more privacy) is a snugglier and more emotional/needy child (baby B) while the other tends to be on the independent and content side(baby A). This has been changing as they grow, the independent baby (A) now gets jealous of any extra attention emotional baby (B) gets.

Inconsiderate/Paranoid Parents HELP PLEASE!

Background: This was my first "professional" babysitting job, met them through sittercity. Parents are both surgeons. Live in a huge mansion with cameras surrounding the house, the house security system as well as doorbell is connected to parents phone. They can see whenever someone's rings doorbell or whenever doors open and close in home. Average pay in my city is $12 per hour for one child and $15 for 2 children. Parents said they were only willing to pay me $11 for their 2 children. I agreed.

Help! I'm very anxious about quitting my nanny job.

Hi! I am planning to quit my nanny job, and its making me super nervous/anxious. i have worked with this family since October 2016; almost 6 months. I signed a year contract, in the contract it says I have to give a 2 week notice to break it. This family is wonderful! They are one of the best families I have ever worked for. I was recently offered a summer camp teacher job, and decided to take it. The position starts at the end of June. I decided to take it because I need to gain experience doing something else, I don't want to be a nanny forever.

So frustrating. Major rant.

Hi everyone :)

So I've somewhat mentioned this in posts/comments before but haven't ever made an actual post on it. How do you deal with being discredited for not being a mother? I have a friend who's pretty much my best friend - let's call her Holly. She has 5 kids, 2 of which are similar in age to the 3 ½ year old and 23 month old that I have been a full time nanny to for the last almost 2 years. She's been my friend for the last 5+ years and we really do have a great friendship - except for when it comes to the issue of kids/parenting/etc.

No Food for Thought

Hello Ladies,
I'm new here and this is my first time writing. I'm 60 something and a nanny for 2 boys, 3 y.o and 15 months, for 2 yrs.. Recently I am asked to make dinner for the boys which I don't mind, but the oldest will only eat with mom and dad. We are also trying to get more veggies in the boys diet, which is a slow process.

I was offered a nannying job, Should I take it?

So I was offered a Live in Nannying position in New York City and I am trying to decide if I should take it or not. The job is for 8M and 11M and is mostly before/after school care. They are offering me a private room and private bathroom and are asking for a 1 year contract. The basic responsibilities are getting them ready in the morning, walking one of them to school and then picking them up after school, helping with homework, taking them to practices and activities and then helping MB make dinner and that would end my responsibilities for the day.


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