Pay issues. Please help!

So after a week of mostly being off, due to the father having pink eye, I show up for work today. Today is the day I get paid every week, well the mother paid me $500 when our agreement is $600/week no matter what. I confronted her and she was upset because her husband didn't have me come watch the kids. I even offered to take them and just get out of the house but got no reply. So because she wanted me to watch the kids and he didn't and they couldn't come to an agreement they are trying to pay me less. This seems like their own issue that I shouldn't be brought into.

Back up care

With snow days and cold and flu season coming I was wondering if everyone has a back up care plan - or rather what is your employers plan for when you need to call out unexpectedly?

I am usually responsible to find my own back up if I know in advance. We have a few reliable sitters we can call for that.

bosses making me feel unqualified for the job sometimes

hi guys this is my second time posting here. So i first posted asking about Observed days pay. And i asked for it and got paid. So lesson learnt that we need to speak up and not work for free. Me and my boss we never really talked about holidays and other things as they were very busy at that time. And since i had just started, i worked on labor day. Then came thanksgiving and i was told that i need to work on that day too. I was not very happy with that but worked and then when i asked for the extra money for that day, i was asked but wasn't it included in your salary??

Changes with a new baby! Need advice?!

Hi! So, I have been the nanny for a two and a half year old since she was 6 months old, so about two years now. I have just recently found out the mom is expecting baby #2 and due in August. I currently watch the toddler four days a week 9-5. Both parents work from home as well. So here's my concern, when the toddler was a baby we never really left the house. The closest park is a mile walk and the first time we walked there or even left the house for a walk in general was a few months after I started.

Nanny Clothes

Hi nannies! I have left a career of teaching to pursue a career in nannying. I'm very excited and totally prepared, but I have one question for some more experienced nannies. What do you typically wear to work? I'm thinking no dress up clothes, but no yoga pants either. Something in between? Jeans, t-shirt, sneakers? Thanks for all responses.

Week(end) venting session

The House cleaner hasn't been here for a month due to her being on vacation. Her first day back is Tuesday and while for the 2-3 hours she's here it does disrupt our day the house desperately needs a good scrub. I caved and bought Lysol the other day instead of using sponges to wipe off the kid's spaces. The kid's were sick all of last week with colds which I inevitably caught but am recovering from. Happy Friyay everyone! :)

Overbearing Grandma

Hi all! Need some advice bc I feel I am at the end of my patience. I work with a family who has 2 children (3 and 9 months) that I have been with for 6 months. Grandma works with me for the days I work (which I have no idea why. I need no help) the 3 year old is in school so that only leaves the baby throughout the day. Grandma refuses to let me do my job. She's always taking baby. Telling me what to do. Watching me. Following me. and now coming to play dates and storytime every single time I take the baby. Its becoming too much.



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