Love the kids but not the job...

I started working for a family about 9 months ago and it was great to begin with. Lately, I've come to have a really hard time at work but I'm so attached to the kids. The baby I'm with all the time and have been since she was 5 months, now 16... it's so hard to imagine leave her but the parents expect way too much out of me. I was told it would be all the kids and that's it, MINIMAL house keeping, now I'm asked to get the house spotless daily, there's always dirty dishes and messes everywhere that are left for me. The dad even asked me to wipe down the baseboard.

Thinking about leaving already

I just started a live-in position last week. The family is honestly great but I'm doing a lot more than I expected, I was told the kid, who is mostly independent would only need help rinsing hair after a shower but it turns out to be more than that, not much but I came into this thinking that was all they needed outside of regular care. That and I'm expected to wash and iron the parents' clothes which I am really not comfortable with with my pay, MB will do mine since we all put it in the same hamper but I don't really like that either.

Can anyone relate?

I am a nanny of the same family for 3 years. I feel like I am a 3rd parents. Does anyone out there feel like they're really hard on their nanny children? Does anyone deal with particularly difficult children? I'm struggling with how to parent these kids. I just need someone with experience and advice!

Two concerns in one!

So I have been the nanny for a little girl over two and a half years. She is turning three on Monday and I am not even invited to her birthday party this weekend. I mentioned it two weeks ago saying oh are you guys having a party? The mom said just a small family party. No invite then just this week the grandma was over the house cleaning and basically prepping for the party. They got some decorations and all. But I am not even invited?? They have an in ground pool so I am sure his isn't going to be something "small".

Is my kid normal?

I nanny for a 10 year old and a 6 year old. The six year old is unable to dress himself, wipe his own bum, wash his own hands, or even open a bag of chips. If I ask him to do anything for himself (such as carrying a small item from the car to the house) it generally ends in him crying, telling me he doesn't like me or that "it's not fair."
Maybe I'm overthinking and he's perfectly normal but from what I've read online he is at the age where he should be doing all these things himself. I would just like some feedback from fellow nannies as this is my first year as a nanny.

Temp Job Advice

Hey everyone! I'm new here so I'm not sure if there's any etiquette but I'm just gonna spell out all the details I think of and hope for the best! Thanks in advance for any comments!

I am summer nannying for a family while my usual Mom takes the summer off. I started at the beginning of June, part time with a work-at-home mom with the promise of moving to a 50 hour week starting in July when she would be starting a new job in the city. Now, the mom is staying home permanently and I’m working 40 hours a week.

Speaking up

It's not fair going from 40/50 to just 30 a week, that is a big difference. I just told my employer that these hours are not what we agreed on at the beginning. He said he has a lot of vacation that's the reason why my hours were cut to just 30 but I've told him I am an adult and have bills. He understood thankfully. It was very hard to talk to him about it but I had to do it and I feel very proud of myself. We should speak up if something is not right, and speak up right away.


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