I quit my nanny job

So I watch this little girl, and when I had he interview with them to begin with they told me that my schedule would be set. While working with them, I wouldn't know when exactly I would get off anywhere from 4-7 which is ridiculous since they told my schedule time to be off is at 6 and ocasional 7, with notice.

The girl is sweet, why I hate to leave the job. By I don't get paid time off, holidays, vacation and not to mention a little less than min wage and work on a Saturday.

Overnight Stay

Last weekend I babysat for a family I will be staying with overnight in May while the parents go out of town (by plane). This family is extremely wealthy so I expected to be paid well. I am used to $10/hr and that is normal pay where I live. I babysat 2 children for 9 hours and received $50. I couldn't believe it. Now, I'm nervous to babysit in May if they plan to pay $5.50/hr again. Any ideas on what flat rate I should charge? Also how I should approach the parents about it. Just straight up let them know what I charge for overnight and if they don't agree tell them I can't do it anymore?

What can I do?

I'm still really struggling with A and her tantrums to try and stop Mommy from going to work. Every single morning without fail - unless she is still sleeping when MB leaves for work - A will bawl her eyes out, throw herself on the floor, become absolutely hysterical, trying to get her mom to stay with her instead of going to work.

I was just told NO to my vacation days. Help!

Hi there. I recently made a post on here regarding my nanny family scheduling me on a weekend without asking me for the okay (my agreement was no weekends when I was hired). Not even a week and a half later, I have found myself in another trying situation.

First time nanny needing advice/to rant

Hello all,
It is so awesome to have found a site like this! I am a first time nanny after work at daycares for the past four years. It's nice to hear the things I'm struggling with are common. I'm sure my husband is glad I'm found this so I can stop ranting to him! ;) So sorry if this is too long. I appreciate any feedback!!

Tween drama

Trying to not lose my mind here and also be compassionate while getting things done.

G10 has been extra busy lately with after school activities ( it's tech week for the play) so she hasn't had a lot of free time.

Last night she finished homework at 8:00pm and wanted to use her electronics ( they are allowed 30 min a day after all chores are finished but they have to turn them off at 8:30) she still needed a shower and was skipping her instrument practice because she had been busy all afternoon.


I need help from fellow nannies!

Hi everyone! I've been a nanny for 15 years in Scarsdale NY (a suburb of NYC). I am in school doing my masters in Psychology. Part of my degree requirements is that I do a research project. I decided to do my research project on nannies and what we go through. As part of the project, I have to administer surveys to other nannies. Would any of you guys be willing to take my survey? I need at least 50 nannies, so I need all of the help I can get. They are completely confidential! Please help!

Thank you so much in advance!


Easter Ideas for Kids

I am looking for some fun Easter ideas with the kids I nanny for. They range in age from 15 years to 7 years.

The parents always have me fill eggs for an egg hunt; but I am looking for some new ideas since the kids are a little older.

Any other fun Easter ideas you have done with your charges?

I appreciate your feedback.

Nannying in my own home?

Hello I'm new here and I'm trying to get advice on what to do. Currently I am working in a daycare, unfortunately they screwed me over and switched up my position without asking/talking to me. That was kind of the last straw and I'm looking for other work. I've always thought about nannying but never knew to much about it. How would I go about becoming a nanny through my home? I'd prefer that over going to someone else house. Me and my husband are currently trying for a baby, so once that does happen I'd still like to be making money while doing something I love.


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