I need advice!

I am currently nannying 4 teenagers. I find this incredibly hard as the kids are older and are not into fun simple activities. The kids also cuss and physically harm each other. I try my best to be an friendly authority figure but regardless the kids still steal things and hide things from their parents. I have good moments in my job but I feel bad about it most of the time. I disagree with their parents harsh (polite way of saying it without the details) way of parenting. I also know one of the parents is not a stand up person.

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Parents texting me at all hours!

So I'm really getting mad here. :( Its very hard to make me mad. So I was woken up to a text this morning at 5:36am! My one and only "day off" for this family!!!! I am so pissed right now. I only keep my phone on for emergencies plus my brother is a firefighter, so I keep my phone on for that in case something happens. I'm not up at 5:36am and I had gone to bed late because the fireworks outside were so loud in the neighborhood. Anyhow....what gives this parent the right to text me at 5:36am?! It could have waited to a decent hour! I mean really?!

How Much Time To Spend on Professional Development/Week?


I am someone who has a difficult time with leaving work at work. I do have plenty of ideas to keep my home life and work life separate. I do not have energy nor time to actually use them. I've really been struggling with some burnout symptoms. I have depression, (that I get treatment for). But I'm constantly reading books, articles, etc. I don't have a life of my own.

Nanny help

I work for a family where the husband works 16 hours a day and the wife works 9 I work about 14 hours a day. When the wife comes home she’s supposed to help but she doesn’t do much. And even on her days off I do majority if not all the work when it comes to taking care of the kids. I only have 4 days off each month (every other weekend) and I get paid $480 a month on top of room and board. I feel like Im being overworked but every time I say something I’m told maybe they should put the kids in daycare which would put me out of a job. I need help.

FINALLY some good news

I found this support group when I was stuck with this horrible, narcissistic family (both parents and 9 year old child) in a live in position. I was so tentative to leave ... but when the job was affecting my health ... I made the decision to leave.

After leaving I had a hard time finding a job, as I have only been a nanny for two years (though I have worked with children for over 20 years ...). Plus the fact that I bring my small dog with me (she does not bark, nip, etc ... and really likes little ones).


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