Nanny help

I work for a family where the husband works 16 hours a day and the wife works 9 I work about 14 hours a day. When the wife comes home she’s supposed to help but she doesn’t do much. And even on her days off I do majority if not all the work when it comes to taking care of the kids. I only have 4 days off each month (every other weekend) and I get paid $480 a month on top of room and board. I feel like Im being overworked but every time I say something I’m told maybe they should put the kids in daycare which would put me out of a job. I need help.

FINALLY some good news

I found this support group when I was stuck with this horrible, narcissistic family (both parents and 9 year old child) in a live in position. I was so tentative to leave ... but when the job was affecting my health ... I made the decision to leave.

After leaving I had a hard time finding a job, as I have only been a nanny for two years (though I have worked with children for over 20 years ...). Plus the fact that I bring my small dog with me (she does not bark, nip, etc ... and really likes little ones).

Am I really asking too much? Advise please!

I know this is long but Please Stick with me!So today I had to have an uncomfortable convo with the family I work for. A little back ground; i work full time Mon-Fri I gave 3 months notice that I would need time of in January a weekend span from Fri-Mon, I would be back for 8 days of work tues- next Thursday, then I would be off Fri-Tues and be back Wed, 5 days total that I do t expect to be paid for. I have never called off unexpectantly or called in sick in the 16months I’ve worked for them. I got the time off, that’s not the problem.

Help needed!

Hi! I recently moved to New York from Oregon and am looking for a nanny job! I have 4 years experience but can't seem to find any families here. How do you find families you work for? Please help a fellow nanny in need.


Opinions when parent is sick?

Hi! So I've been a nanny since I graduated high school (6 years). I was a live in nanny for a family who had huge jobs and would literally go into work even if they had a high fever or symptoms of a stomach bug. There were times when I'd get a call Sunday before my arrival that evening to let me know that the kids were throwing up and they HAD to go to work. Of course without a doubt I came and stayed Sunday night-Friday as usual and got the big from the kids but continued to work. I was okay with this scenario because the parents did not have the ability to take the day off.

Need a new job but moving to Europe in 4 months

So I have a weird and unique situation

I'm a career nanny. I recently got married. My husband is from Austria but we live here in the US. He is here on a work visa. We plan to move to Austria this spring because his work contract is up earlier than it was supposed to be and he already has a nice home in Austria. We decided its a good place to have a family.

Talking to mother about time outs?

I nanny for a little 16 month old boy and have done since his first birthday. I’m always home alone with the child and feel that I should be taking charge of discipline when the parents arnt here. I have been teaching him that consequences come when I count to 3, but the other day I was watching his Mum count and she stopped at 2. Totally demeans my work. And I have started putting him in time out when the parents are away and I get to 3. He screams like any child but the time outs work. How do I discuss this with the Mum? She’s very over protective and I’m shy.



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