Seeing old kids?

At the end of January, I put my two weeks in at a job I'd been working for 3.5 years. Long story short, the mom was crazy and continually treating me worse and worse. When I told her I was leaving, she told me I wasn't allowed to tell the kids until my last day. Two days after I gave my notice, she informed me (after hours) she wouldn't be paying me for my two weeks. I told her I would not be coming back. She told me she wanted to set up a time for me to say goodbye to the four kids, but when I tried, she would change her mind. So I never said goodbye.

What to do in down time while child naps

So do you read? Clean, watch tv? I am starting a new nanny job this week and my old job let me watch tv. I can't sit and do nothing. But I also don't want to be the maid and have to clean.. It's for a baby so there will be lots of down time since his is only a few months old and will sleep most of the time.. If they say no to tv, What is acceptable? Thanks!

Messy family

I get not everyone is gonna be super clean.. I was hired to do laundry (the whole families) dishes and clean up after children.
My question is when the family is sooo messy they rarely ever clean (there is a maid thank god) but then they don't pick up or wash a single dish and I come in Monday to weekend dishes.. is this normal? Should I ask them if they could try and keep up w their weekend dishes.. as I don't feel that should be my responsibility ... even weeknight dinner dishes are left for me in the am...

Too many toys?

Hi everyone! I've been a nanny to a wonderful family with two boys, 9mo. and 4y/o for 4 months now, and they are the greatest. Ever since I started I noticed the 4y/o is easy to anger, gets overwhelmed quickly, and is always looking for space every now and then. I know that space is normal, but lately, and a few weeks ago he's been acting out a lot (having A TON of tantrums, screaming, and stomping off). The mom and I were thinking it might be an attention problem or still adjusting to the baby being here and adjusting to the balance of attention between the both of them.


The family I nanny for all managed to get sick over the weekend. :/ when I came in Monday I found a puke bucket near the bathtub in the kids bathroom... I was told to leave that they would take care if it... today (Tuesday) I've come in and see the vomit bucket in their kitchen sink with just a small amount of soap and water in it still w vomit all down the side- sorry gross I know- was this left for me to clean?! So I have to do dishes still ... I have no gloves or mask and not only is the bucket a problem, the children's toilet still has puke all over the seat.



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