Dealing with car seats.

So I drive a 2013 Ford Edge and can comfortably and safely fit 3 car seats in the car. I am a share nanny and watch 2 kids (4,2) m-f and the two (5,2) m/t/th, though a lot of the time I also end up watching them or one of them m-f. So when I have all 4 of them, I drive the second family's Tahoe. This is the part where I wish I knew nothing about car seat safety haha kidding sort of but being so educated on keeping them safe is really making my job difficult. In my car, the 2 year olds are still rear facing and probably will be until 3..? Not sure yet.


Has anyone ever gone to nannypalooza? I'm considering going this year but I don't know anyone who is going. It's about a 5 hour drive for me and it's sort of expensive. Trying to decide if it's worth going. It sounds great. Just curious to hear reviews from someone who has been.

HELP-- 2 weeks notice for an unconventional boss

Currently I am a nanny for a first time mom who, from day one, hasn't been able to keep her child on a regular schedule. Not just because baby has had an issue sleeping, but because she also works from home and any time she had a moment she would come and intervene without knowing what was going on... for example I'd have the baby almost asleep and she would barge in and baby would then fully wake up disrupt their sleep cycle and now force themselves to stay awake sorhey could play with mom.

Dealing with dirty nanny family home

Just wondering if any other nannies deal with a dirty nanny family home? Here's my situation, I've been with my NF for almost 2 years. They have a house cleaner that comes once every other week. She cleans their entire home top to bottom which usually takes her 3 hours. The home looks great afterwards-obviously. I make sure to leave the house looking great until dad comes home. Next morning when I arrive their home is gross again. Sometimes even unsanitary.

Bright Horizons Nanny Care Job

Someone from bright horizons has reached out to me and asked if I was interested in a position. Basically bright horizons has a program for back up care. Families that have tmobile or microsoft, etc can go to bright horizons and hire a back up nanny. I was told that this job is on call with 2-3 days notice, possibly 1.

Helicopter parents

I'm working for a family of 4 (2 kids, 4B and 8G), and so far I've had minimal issues with the kids. The real problem is the parents. They're so used to helicopter-parenting their kids that they do it to me - I don't need to be reminded to buckle my seatbelt, pack myself a lunch, bring my bus pass, "keep a close eye on the kids", or to GO TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE LEAVING THE HOUSE. It's wearing me down and I don't know how to prove to them that I'm a responsible adult who doesn't need to be checked up on.

Leaving job, considering calling CPS

So I have been a live in Nanny for a family of 3 (B/G 1yr old twins and a 3yr old G). Things from the beginning were bad but I picked up and drove from Indiana all the way to Seattle to do this job so if I quit then I would be homeless, moneyless, and stuck in Seattle because my car will not make it back to Indiana.
Anyway. I have already decided I am leaving. It's all a matter of waiting for the pay to be able to either A. Fix my car or B. Afford a rental to get back to Indiana.

Should I leave my current job?

When I was hired for my current position I was told that I would be working Monday,Thursday, and Friday from 7-3:45, meaning I would be a part time nanny. I have been with this family for about a month and the days and times I work are never consistent. Some days I work till 4:30 or even 5 o'clock and I'm not told till the day of when I will be getting off. Another issue is the days that I work. Each week I work a different combination of days different from what I was originally told. Last week it was Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and this week it is Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


It's soo hard to find a job. I've been applying to 30 or more jobs a day. I'm having no luck finding a nanny job, and with only having a nanny work history, other jobs might see that as not good enough. I have this lady that reached out to me on she said she's low income and is trying to get state to pay for childcare. She said she doesn't know if it's a long term or short term position and she wants 10 hours for 3 days $10 an hour. Childcare and personal assistant duties. At this point i'm thinkin of taking whatever, but normally I would say no.


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