Finally Might be Leaving

After three years of being with a family whose child I love, but a mom who is not a good person and treats me like I’m nothing but a regular employee, I’ve finally met my limit. Her daughter asked if I was family and she told her no she is not family, we pay her to watch you becuase we have to work. And that was that, now I have a confused three year old asking my why her mommy said this becuase she thought I was family. And she just started saying “You are not family becuase mommy said you are not family” and that has been heartbreaking for me.

Nanny Cam Headache

I am full-time nanny . I have three families I have the one Jewish family where I watch there 1.5 year old twins . A social person I love lunch dates with kiddos picnics and ect. I'm not allowed to fee dthem anything not even kosher organic food I can't feed them at all. Meaning when it's time for me to eat I have to eat hiding from both twins so I won't tease them by not sharing. They pay me about 300 dollars a week and they are paying me during Passover while they will be out of town. In total they have 5 kids but I only watch the twins.

Sittercity & care website problems!

Hey there! Sadly there's been a lot of bad things happening. I was first on Sittercity and care when those sites were brand new. Both websites have been big problems. They delete your account if you call in and complain about a bad experience with a parent(s)/families you have worked for or interviewed with. Its really weird! I called in yesterday to complain about a parent to Sittercity who was previously on who don't even have kids!


Nanny family divorcing

Hi, I’ve been with my current family nearly three years. The parents have decided to divorce, though I’m not sure how soon. Realtors are coming tomorrow so I guess it’s imminent. The kids are 5 and 3 yr old twins. I’m hoping for advice on the best way to support the parents and kids through this time and if anyone has any advice for things I should particularly be sure to do or not do. I’m hoping to hear from nannies who have been through this as well as parents.

I need advice!

I am currently nannying 4 teenagers. I find this incredibly hard as the kids are older and are not into fun simple activities. The kids also cuss and physically harm each other. I try my best to be an friendly authority figure but regardless the kids still steal things and hide things from their parents. I have good moments in my job but I feel bad about it most of the time. I disagree with their parents harsh (polite way of saying it without the details) way of parenting. I also know one of the parents is not a stand up person.

What are the benefits of the best online essay writing services?

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Parents texting me at all hours!

So I'm really getting mad here. :( Its very hard to make me mad. So I was woken up to a text this morning at 5:36am! My one and only "day off" for this family!!!! I am so pissed right now. I only keep my phone on for emergencies plus my brother is a firefighter, so I keep my phone on for that in case something happens. I'm not up at 5:36am and I had gone to bed late because the fireworks outside were so loud in the neighborhood. Anyhow....what gives this parent the right to text me at 5:36am?! It could have waited to a decent hour! I mean really?!

How Much Time To Spend on Professional Development/Week?


I am someone who has a difficult time with leaving work at work. I do have plenty of ideas to keep my home life and work life separate. I do not have energy nor time to actually use them. I've really been struggling with some burnout symptoms. I have depression, (that I get treatment for). But I'm constantly reading books, articles, etc. I don't have a life of my own.


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