Am I underpaid?

I'm an on call nanny and I work with different families each day or a week depending on what they need. My manager said $15 to start, but I said $17 ( just because i was told on the phone they pay $15-$17 an hour) i searched the company on glassdoor and people have said the common salary is $18/hr, but that could be from in areas other than washington. She she said she can only do $16 to start. My question is what does START mean? Is she saying my pay will go higher or is that just what they always say to have you accept?

New family

So I guess I'll start a little about some of what I've experienced. I've been a nanny for 13 years. The last family I was with was for 7 years and seven children. I've got a ton of patience and love what I do!
So I took a few months off after the last family before finding this new one. I've had some difficulties with the new family and it's only week one.
Background info. The mom is a stay at home mom of baby L. L is nine months old and a true joy!


Hi All! Anyone have a problem with a biting toddler?? I eant to stop this immediately! I find this to be one of the worst/grossest behaviors. Any discipline ideas for a biting 13 month old? Thanks!

Adding another child

So I know a very similar question to this was just asked but I wanted to ask again including my pay range. So I'm currently nannying for a 7 month old baby girl. I technically make 12.75 per hour. However I'm on salary pay for 50 hours per week. I rarely meet that limit and get tons of vaca so I am getting paid for tons of unworked hours. Anyways I know they are getting ready to start trying for another kiddo. Without a doubt I know I will need to ask for a raise. I'm really hoping they'll bring it up bc those things make me nervous but If they don't I will.

guarantee pay

In my contract I have Mon-Fri with guaranteed hours of x amount of hours per week. Does that mean that they can use those hours for the weekend as well?
So like I agreed to work on a Saturday and employer ended up not needing care on Tuesday so they used Saturday as part of my guarantee hours. Is that okay or the norm?


I've been nannying for a family with three kids (a 5 year old and twins that are 2) for two years. The kids are in Montessori school but the mom hasn't really done the full Montessori at home. Recently she had someone come in and talk to me about doing Montessori at home and what to do and what to say. I only get paid 12 an hour to watch twins and a 5 year old while also doing dishes and laundry.

Picky eaters.

I'm writing this post to gain insight on what nannies do for picky eaters? I'm more curious than anything. I have been blessed with NKs that will eat almost everything I put in front of them. They have no dietary restrictions and will eat almost any foods I make or leftovers I give them. Meal time is usually very easy for me. I've never even thought about nannies who aren't as fortunate with their NKs. However, for the next 2 weeks I am watching my NKs cousin who is 4. This is my second day with her. She eats like a bird and any foods I suggest, she turns down.

Help! First time with 2

Hi I'm new here but I really need advice. I'm starting a new job next week and it will be my first time with 2 infants. I'm doing a nanny share with a family that had a 8 week old and a family with a 10 week old. Do any of you have tips on how to handle 2 infants at once or any advice on how to make it easier?? Really anything helps at this point.

Telling nanny family about a new job offer

So, I've been nannying for the most wonderful family for about 7.5 months now, but the other day I got a job offer to be nanny for a family over in Italy. This is like a once in a lifetime chance, and I feel like it's at the perfect time in my life, since I'm taking a year off of school. The job isn't official yet, like we haven't even skyped or talked out details of how it would all work out, but I'm tempted to say yes. When should I tell my current nanny family about this?


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