Anxiety over quitting

Looking for advice (or someone to tell me it’s ok really!) I am a part time nanny (approx 22 hours per week). I have been with them for about 6 months. I have two school aged children of my own, and nanny for three kids. My husband is a full time student and schedules his classes around my nanny schedule so he can be with our kids on the days I work. This semester, he is taking all night classes and was just offered a full time day time position. Which means I have to quit my nanny job.


Hi all! I am new to this support group and I have a few questions and would definitely appreciate feedback.

I'm going to start with some background information first and then get to the current situation so please bare with me. :)

okay, so..

I currently take care of a 2 1/2 year old girl, she is INCREDIBLY ACTIVE so i'm always moving haha! I work 38 hours weekly (9.5 hours 4 days a week, 8:30-6:00)I get paid salary based and it's under the table (my choice).. roughly estimated I get paid 14.47 hourly.

I need Advice- taken advantage??

I am desperately seeking advice. I can't tell if I'm just getting burnt out or I'm legitimately being taken advantage of. A quick background; I've been with this family for 3 years and along the way had my own baby and bring her with me. The kids are 9, 7, and 3. Then my child who just turned one. The kids adore my baby and my daughter loves them. The parents have always treated me well and I've felt blessed to have them as my NF. They are great people.

W2-1099-schedule H

Need to decide which option is best:
Schedule H

I started working for a family at the end of October for $625 a week. They were paying me under the table, but since it’s a new year, they would like to put it on the books. She offered to raise my pay to $700 to cover the difference once taxes out.

I figured if i went with the W2 choice, maybe she would do $500 on the books and $200 under the table. But i believe if she brings this to her accountants attention they would say no.

New Nanny

Hey everyone. Well tomorrow is my first day transitioning to full time nanny. I know the family and children already but still nervous. I’m needing help with coming up with activities for the 1 year old which will be 2 in March. The newborn I can handle.

Terrible twos?!?

Hi there. I just started nannying for this family about a week ago. I've been nannying/babysitting for about14 years now and have always have a pleasant experience. This is not the case. I am the nanny of a newly 2 year old boy who throws multiple tantrums/ meltdowns several times a day. I worked really hard to get this position(not knowing how bad he is) and I really like the mom but I just don't know how/ if I can do this. I cried the whole car ride home today. Any advice?!? I don't wanna let the family down but it is miserable. Maybe I'm just not cut out for it?

Please Help

I have been working with a family of 3 kiddos for 8 months. 9 year old twin boys and a 4 year old. They all attend school but the 4 year old goes 9-1:30 everyday. I work from 6:30am to 3pm on Wed and Fri. I work a split from 6:30-10am then 3-6:30-7pm on Tue/Thu to Help with homework or watch the 4 y/o while she’s helping them homework.


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