Tips on how to keep kid from letting mom go to work

Hello nannies,

I just started a babysitting job, and the girl I babysit is 7years old. I'am looking for tips on how to keep the girl clam and let her mom go to work. Like for example: yesterday I went in and the mom had to go to work right away but she was having problems with the girl because her daughter didn't wanted her to leave. How do I make it easier for the daughter to let mom go to work? Any tips on this will be appreciated thank you.


Hi All: I have been a member here for 5 years now. I was just wondering if any of you nannies have experienced this before with your charges?? I started a new job this past February with a grandma who needed assistance daily with her two grandsons. She is 69, a retired teacher with bad knees, and way overweight. She cannot run and can barely get up from the carpet after play. Her nanny quit to retire and stay home to be available to her new grandchild. The grandma did not warn me how needy these children were when she hired me. There is a 4.5 year old who acts like a two year old.

Working as part-time babysitter

Hi all,

I am a part-time babysitter that get paid monthly. I work three days a week. The baby's mom told me that she will care for her son this week and next week because the son is sick/flu. I thanks her because I have another babysitting job that I need to do and I am not comfortable working with sick kids.

She told me that I need to work extra days in May to cover back the day that I'm not working. Is this fair?

Thank you in advance

How much to charge for babysitting in my home?

I have been babysitting & nannying for 10 years & am now a stay at home mom to a 5 month old. I have been trying to start babysitting from my home (looking for ONE child close in age to mine, so not a day care). I've been searching for months with no luck. I use sittercity and even recently posted an ad on craigslist. I get a lot of replies but as soon as the pay comes up, I lose them. So I live in Columbus, Ohio & the calculator says the suggested $ for 1 child hourly is like almost $15.

How to quite gracefully

This family I've worked for, for what throught was casual weekend evening babysitting.(I nanny for several families) It turned out they wanted me at there beak and call. They are friendly but the one kid is king of the house and really aggressive. I want to leave like I did day one. But I've never quite a job before. How to I do it? Any suggestions? It would be over txt. So help please!!!! I don't want to sound rude.

No discipline

I have worked for this family for about 9 months, it is a 2.5 y/o little girl. She is constantly spoiled and given whatever she wants whenever she wants it. I have tried so very hard to be patient with the toddler, as I know that children lead by example and push their boundaries only as far as they know to push them. Her parents were not forthcoming about their disciplinary plans when I interviewed for the job. Basically their philosophy is zero discipline. They don't believe in timeouts, raising your voice, taking away privileges, etc.

Thank you to all ... Looking forward

I think I would just about lose my mind without this site and though I rarely respond, I read every entry.

We only put our stresses/worries/issues/complaints here .. but there are also so many great things that happen (maybe not every day!!) which is why we do this job.

So I made this decision last year to leave ... I wrote a letter of resignation ... sat the mom down and talked about my issues (well, most of them ...) and they agreed to ALL of them.


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