Site IS down

I replied to the other posts but there's something wrong with the site and it won't update. For newbies to the site, I've never seen it take this long to update. I hope no one had an urgent question. There is another site for nannies but I don't know if I'm allowed to mention it here.


I am handing in my 2 week resignation letter today, I have a feeling the mom will try to end it before then even though our contract says a 2 week notice from either parties if ending the arrangement. One of the reasons I am leaving is because they haven't followed our contract so i don't think she will care to dishonor this agreement... Advice on what to do if she tries to end it before then? ask for severance? that is the main thing is hello rent and other bills?

Nanny for one taking care of 2 for same wage

The gal I nanny for is a single parent. She has 2 children, a 7 month old and a highly energetic 4 year old. The 4 year old goes to school full-time and I am not being paid to watch her. I help her get ready for school in the morning and then take her brother and we go about our day for the next 11 hours.

Recently, Grandpa has flown in from Ethiopia and really doesn't like kids, so he will not watch them or interact with them. I feel kind of slighted that for the next two months, her Dad will be with us all day long.

Collecting 5yos without additional pay?

So I have a friend who is a nanny for a nine year old only child and she enjoys being the "pied piper" and collecting her girl's friends after school, often bringing a group of 3 or 4 9yos to things like ice skating or into the city for adventures without additional pay. Lately I am a bit jealous. My oldest kiddo is 5 and a half (younger sister is 2) and I am finding it a LOT easier to watch 2 5yos and a 2 yo then deal with him bored and not wanting to play little toddler games with just the 2 siblings.

Wanting to quit after one day..

I've been nannying for years & I've never been with a family for less than 6 months. I'm picky with which jobs I accept and go on lots of interviews before settling. Well I used to at least, but then I had my baby. Then I was searching for a position that allowed me to bring him with me so my choices became a lot slimmer. I finally found a job with two kids, 2 & 4 yrs, where I pick them up from daycare at 6pm and hang out with them at home until mom gets home from work at 10.


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