bringing my baby to work- advice please!

Hello! I've been a nanny for this current family for almost three years. We have a great relationship and I genuinely care for the kids and I know the family cares for my little family as well. I bring my baby whose 8 months with me to work and I'm starting to struggle. I have a poor sleeper and a little explorer! She started crawling at 6 months and their house is in NO WAY baby proof!! They have a 2 year old but he was a totally different baby and we never had to baby proof for him. He was totally fine sitting down, not moving, and never wanted to pick up small pieces!

When to move on

This is the third nanny family I have been with. This family isn't bad by no means but I am finally learning what it means to not be taken for granted or getting ripped off with money. The family I am with now just gave me a raise so now I'm making $16/hr but I'm wondering when would be a good time to move on to bigger and better jobs? They seem to want to keep me for two years so thinking by then I'll be making $18/hr but what if they ask me to stay another year after that? When did you guys move on to make more money? My hope is to become a professional nanny making 80k+ a year.

Looking after kid's friend - no extra pay??

So I've been nannying for this family for four years now, no increase in rates and to be honest I'm not so happy with the family dynamic and their parenting style has recently changed and not in a way I necessarily agree with. I'm soon to finish my uni degree at the end of the year and already have a job lined up and so I've kind of had the attitude to just ride it out.


Advice please

This may be a tad long. I've been with the same family for five years. (8,6,3) and the mother is a STAY AT HOME MOM. in the summer I go home every night working 4 days a week but doing the "school year" they moved an hour away. I've been sleeping here two nights and working 3 days. (10-15 hour days, depending on what the kids have or if my bosses have plans)

I don't need to wake up with the kids during the night, I am downstairs in my own area. Starting with two kids I was at 16 an hour off the books. Now I'm at 22 an hour still off the books

Live-In Nanny

Hi! This may be a loaded post but I would GREATLY appreciate some input!

I am currently working as a live-in nanny for my sister and brother-in-law. I've been working and living with them since January 2017 and take care of their (almost) one year old. I work anywhere from 40-45 hours a week (give or take depending on their work schedules). They travel for work and I sometimes work overnight.

Getting paid to do nothing

Having kind of a weird "problem" if you can call it that. I recently started working for a new family. They allow me to bring my 10 month old with me. (I have 10+ yrs of experience before baby was born and have been providing in home daycare since he was born but with this position I take him to the family's home). The kids are elementary aged, three kids. I walk them home from school, give snack, assist with homework (there is usually barely any) and then they are allowed to do whatever- play video games, watch tv, etc. It's a great position and I was really excited.

Nanny to a single dad. His GF has issues with me

I'm kind of in a weird situation and I need some advice. I'm a live in nanny. My boss is a single dad. My room is on the bottom floor and his room and my charge's room are upstairs. I moved to another state for this job. I have no friends or family here. My boss dates and has made comments that his lady friends have an issue with me being here when they come over. When he has company I stay in my room and mind my own business. I don't socialize with them at all even though he would have no problem if I did.

Please read and advise Thanks !

Hi - I have been a nanny for the same family for 5 years now. The little girl I am caring for will be starting full time kindergarten this week and the family asked me to take her to school - 5 days a week. They don't need anyone to pick her up at the end of the day because the dad changed his hours at his job so he can pick her up everyday . I was working 20 hours a week and now my hours are cut to 7.5 hours a week . I was getting a weekly salary of $ 220.00 a week . What do you feel is a fair salary for my hours now that they are so much less at 7.5 hours a week..?


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