Nanny Resume help.

Hello everyone! I have a few questions about a nanny resume. When I first got hired as a nanny I did not have much experience with children so my resume consisted of my previous job experiences as a student, sales, and general managing. I am getting ready to update my resume. What are some nanny resume "musts"? I am also doing my own research online but there are so many examples and tips on what should be included. I just want to make sure I am including the correct information that will stand out to potential employers.

Nannying for a

I have been a nanny for newborns and todlers for 2 years, and have a job in the medical field working with newborns as well.
For reference, my medical job pays about $53/hour (but is very part time), my primary nanny family pays $16/hour for a 4 month old, and my friend pays me $12/hour for a 2 year old. My friend started me at $10/hour. ( the starting rate in my area is $15/hour, as the cost of living is astronomical.)

Was this fair?

I was recently a nanny for a lovely young toddler in London. I worked 30 hours weekly and was provided with room and board. The family only paid me 90 pounds per week, which is the equivalent of about $110 US per week. I had initially agreed to stay for one year, but gave notice after 4 months. The mom got angry and started yelling at me and told me that I was leaving her in the lurch and was damaging her son emotionally. She blamed me for putting her at risk of losing her home as she could not work without a nanny.


I have been an infant nanny for 10 years full-time. Not all families are Clean. My new family of 6 months moved into this renovated home, some rooms are new, some old, while she was pregnant and while her mom lived here. They have been married two years and apparently she always lived at home, prior to being married. Her Mom helped her with the cleaning as she was pregnant. Mom moved away. This house, where I work everyday, has not been cleaned in 6 months. Both parents, my boss included, are pretty messy.

Flying with little ones

Hello! I'm just hoping for some advice, pointers, or feedback.... in less than a month I will be traveling with my nanny family. Going to Hawaii, and my daughter is coming along which is great for me! She is 11 and we will have fun.. The thing that mostly concerns me/ makes me feel a bit anxious is that the parents are leaving a few days early to have some quality time before we all arrive. That means I am flying 6 hours with an 11 year old, 5 year old, 3 year old, and a newborn! Have any of you traveled like this with your nanny children?? Any tips on keeping them entertained?

Families AFTER you leave

Been a long time since I have posted here ...

Short background. I was a live in nanny for a cheap family who has a tween boy who is socially delayed due to parental babying. I left after two years.

Shortly after I left I would get these texts...
* where do I buy the dog food?
* where are the batteries?
* do you know where J put his ...?
* how do you bake the cookies in the freezer? but? really? are you sure? ...

This happened multiple times week for the first month!! (I SO wanted to tell them I was charging a consultation fee!!)

18 month old for $500/wk. Yes or No?

I have a job offer to take care of an 18 month old boy for about 45 hours a week and get paid $500 wk (taxes reported).

I would be in charge of wiping down toys, mopping kitchen floor, kid and mom's laundry, kid and mom's dinner.

I'm a new nanny so I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it. What do you all think? Is $500 a decent wage for the work?



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