No Food for Thought

Hello Ladies,
I'm new here and this is my first time writing. I'm 60 something and a nanny for 2 boys, 3 y.o and 15 months, for 2 yrs.. Recently I am asked to make dinner for the boys which I don't mind, but the oldest will only eat with mom and dad. We are also trying to get more veggies in the boys diet, which is a slow process.

I was offered a nannying job, Should I take it?

So I was offered a Live in Nannying position in New York City and I am trying to decide if I should take it or not. The job is for 8M and 11M and is mostly before/after school care. They are offering me a private room and private bathroom and are asking for a 1 year contract. The basic responsibilities are getting them ready in the morning, walking one of them to school and then picking them up after school, helping with homework, taking them to practices and activities and then helping MB make dinner and that would end my responsibilities for the day.

Searching for a Live in nanny position that will require me to relocate

I am actively searching for a live in nanny position in or around NYC but I am having extreme difficulty finding a job that will fit my needs. I currently live in California and I am hoping to relocate as part of this search but I feel that families tend to disregard my application after they find out I'm not currently local. The benefit of being a live in nanny is not having to worry about housing as well as dealing with traffic or public transportation to take you back and forth to the job so why is being from another place an issue?

Interview tips please

I have a phone interview tomorrow with a possible new nanny family. I have learned that they have someone else they are thinking of hiring. I really like this family, what they offer, and the position would be ideal for me when it comes to hours as I can still be able to take classes online. My current nanny family is moving and Ive been having a hard time finding a new position. This one seems perfect and id love to work for this family. Do you have any tips on how I can set myself apart from the other candidates they have interviewed? Please help! Thanks

Do I stay or go? And how do I resign?

I've been a nanny for almost 10 yrs, almost half that time spent with an amazing family with 3 children I love dearly and still see often. Unfortunately they grew up and started school as they all do. Last September I started a new position with a 4 yo boy and 13 month old girl. Interviewed twice, had my concerns, but tried to put them aside bc I was nervous about not finding something in time. I asked for a contract for over 6 wks and finally got 1 a week after I started the position. Many of the things discussed verbally were wrong, included salary.

Am I being too dramatic? I want to quit.

Not sure where to even begin! I have been a nanny for nearly 8 years so needless to say, I have experience with all the highs and lows of the job. I can truly say, your employers play a huge role on how enjoyable (or not so enjoyable) coming to work each day can be.

Tips for a New Nanny

I just got hired to be a nanny for a sweet 14 month old girl. I could use a few tips. My main job is to keep her engaged and teach her things. She has a very short attention span though. Another headache: Her mother works from home and doesn't want the baby interrupting meetings. Unfortunately, she has terrible separation anxiety and I can never seem to calm her down. How can I teach her things if she can't focus? How can I calm her down when she wants her mamma?


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