I am currently attending college to get my Bachelors, not in education though. It's going to take me quite a bit of time because I pay my tuition out of pocket. So I became a nanny because I really love it, but I only really intend to do it for the next 7-8 years while I'm working on my degree.

First Time, Helicopter Mom, HELP!

I am working with for the first time with a new mother that is a mess. She dresses in sweats and she is a lawyer in New York City, her hair is stringy and greasy, never brushed or styled, and never has on make-up.

Please help me with a baby issue

So I started a new job of watching a 4 month old baby. I was told by the parents before I took the job that he sleeps most of the time and is an easy going baby.. well today has been a nightmare. He cried the whole 5 hours of my shift. Gave him a bottle, changed him, walked him around, played with him. Nothing was getting him settled down for a nap. He did fall asleep in my arms once but when I went to put him in his crib, (I had to pee bad or else I would have just kept holding him) he woke right up...

Job ended after 6 1/2

My first full time nanny job ended after 6 1/2 years in October. I am having a difficult time not seeing the children.

Things ended on good terms, the mother decided to retire so it was my time to go. I loved this job, family was great, kids amazing. The mother had told me she wanted to keep me around until the youngest child (girl) went to kindergarten. Well that changed quickly :/
I was giving a six weeks notice, then started working 50 plus hours as soon as the notice was giving. It was very difficult to search for a new job during that time.


New nanny needing advice... I think I'm being taken advantage of :(

So I just got my first time full time nanny job. Up until right now I have only ever worked for childcare centers. I am young too, only 19. I took this job on quickly to escape a job with awful pay. This is my second week being the nanny for this family, they have triplet four year old boys who are so much work and so poorly behaved I find myself crying. I make them every meal, and take them places and do great art projects with them everyday. I try so hard to make mom and dad happy.

Needing words of encouragement

Today was one of those days that was so up and down I'm not sure what to think of it. The day started out rough. As soon as mom left the kids were running around the house playing a game. Instead of stopping it I just let them be because they seemed like they were having fun and I'm trying to encourage independent play more and more now that the kids are older (they have struggled with independent play in the past). The game they were playing was getting increasingly roudy and I decided we were going to a park so that they could run around in the fresh air before the rain.

I FINALLY resigned (after being scared to do so for months)

Oh boy. I just want to say thank you to this community who has helped me so so much throughout this past year. It has been a wild ride, but so many of you sent such kind words of wisdom my way when I needed it most. I have no idea how the next month will go (mom is acting okay... but I know her mannerisms... She is screaming inside). The tension in the house you could cut with a knife. Not to excited to see how the next month goes but... at least I did it. I don't feel relieved yet, I'm too nervous about tomorrow morning (I live in). I guess only time will tell...

Crazy mom

Today the mother of the family I nanny for accused me of DELIBERATELY getting sick, not getting treated, and reinfecting her children over and over again over the course of the month that I began working for them. I'm not sure how to respond. Thoughts?


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