What to do?

Hey everyone! I have Recently posted about not being happy and a couple issues i have. Well i finally got the courage to talk with the Mom and the talk went good! I brought up some issues that were bothering me and we were able to talk it out and come to a compromise/ understanding. It’s been about 2 1/2 weeks since we had that talk and some things have changed and some have not. I really don’t feel a connection with the child at all i think mainly because the mom works from home and it’s virtually impossible for me to go through the day with just him and I.

Left job

Hello, I am seeking support with a nanny situation.
*I was with My current job for 1.5 years and recently just left. It was the perfect job but recently the last 2 months were

5 year old hits me

Ive been a nanny on and off now for about 12 years. I have a lot of education behind my experience, and a lot of experience. I pride myself in being professional but also pretty sympathetic when it comes to dealing with children and tantrums, etc. They’re kids, I get it, it happens. No biggie. But, I’ve just started with a new family, and I’m running into some problems. They seemed ok to begin with, a few things here and there, but really, nothing I couldn’t handle.

Parent abuse

I not only nanny but tutor 6year olds in Australia and today I was abused by a parent over email when I raised concerns about her behaviour with me and that she wasn’t enjoying lessons etc. I suggested that something should change to avoid problems in the future and my professional message was proofread by several of my friends. I then received abuse from the parent, saying that I have no compassion, I am ignorant and so on. The rest of her two page email was too horrific for me to write down.

3 year old hates me so much? What do I do?

I started with my family a month ago in France. With children age 3 and 5. They know barely any English and I know barely any French, so I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I had know idea it was going to be this hard. But I do not think this is a language problem.

The issue I have is with the 3 year old. She has a very strong personality. She can be incredibly sweet but a lot of the time she can be a very angry child.

New family

The new family I’m working with is great but there’s some obstacles. the girls are 7 and 10 so they’re not babies but the younger one has some emotional issues. they’ll often take her electronics away and that will make our time together sooo much more pleasant, but they keep giving it back and we’re back to square one where she’s rushing through her morning routine, bending the truth about her routine. It’s fun when she’s not obsessed with getting back to her game. We play music for each activity and there’s no rush.

Pay for 2 hrs on a Sunday?

I started working for a new family on every Sunday from 2pm-4pm. I am babysitting 2 children and one of them is severely autistic. I have worked with kids who have Autism and other delays for over 20 years. The mother is very cheap. She is only paying me $12/hr. I have to take her kids down to her basement while she teaches a class upstairs. I have to keep the kids totally quiet, no noise what-so-ever. I tried asking for $15/hr. The one kid who has autism is a lot of work. I'm exhausted after the 2hrs.


Need help with salary!!

I work as a private nanny for two families (switching back and forth between their houses) with two girls aged 2 years and 20 months. One of the families is expecting another baby which I will be taking care of in August (baby aged 3 months at that point). I am currently paid a flat rate of $1800 a month so $900 from each family. I work 45 hours a week. I drive my own car to activities, but now that it's winter that is only twice a week at most. I will have to pay my own taxes as an independent contractor.


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