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Hey everyone! I'm new here so I'm not sure if there's any etiquette but I'm just gonna spell out all the details I think of and hope for the best! Thanks in advance for any comments!

I am summer nannying for a family while my usual Mom takes the summer off. I started at the beginning of June, part time with a work-at-home mom with the promise of moving to a 50 hour week starting in July when she would be starting a new job in the city. Now, the mom is staying home permanently and I’m working 40 hours a week.

Speaking up

It's not fair going from 40/50 to just 30 a week, that is a big difference. I just told my employer that these hours are not what we agreed on at the beginning. He said he has a lot of vacation that's the reason why my hours were cut to just 30 but I've told him I am an adult and have bills. He understood thankfully. It was very hard to talk to him about it but I had to do it and I feel very proud of myself. We should speak up if something is not right, and speak up right away.

Mom with an eating disorder kid almost there

Hi everyone!

I hope you are doing well!

I am worry I am working with a family, the mom is skiny... scik skiny, she dont eat much, always avoid any oils, butter, fat, chees, everything, seriously is BAD!

her duagther is 8 years old, I am not taking care of her, but I do spend time with her... and she is always telling me things like: have just one of those 'cause you will get fat -I look healty, seriously very normal, not over weight neither sick-skiny- the other day she told me chesse is fattening!

I need advice and help giving up

I'm not in a America but I am a nanny.

I've been doing my nanny job for nearly 10 years. I was very happy at one stage but not any more. Everything changed from hours to pay to how many children I mind. To say the least, I'm over worked and severly underpaid. I get paid a weekly sum of 240 euro a week, taking currency exchange it's about 273 dollars a week. That's whether I work 20 hours or 70 hours. I'm not one bit happy any more. I had a very gruelling weekend. This was on top of a full work week and another work week facing me. I hate it to say the least.

Just a happy little post

I've been with my current family for five months now. I love it. I take care of one child and my only other responsibilities are pick up the toys at the end of the day and clean his plate after snacks and lunch (he has one of those EZ-PZ mats and they only have one). Mom makes all of his lunches and snacks. My job is to heat it up and cut it up. The parents were very adamant when I started about not having me do a bunch of other work. They just want me focused on their son.

Fed up with nannying

I have been a nanny for 7 years and I am thinking of not working in this field anymore. I have come across too many people who want to lowball and try to take advantage of me even when I am so straight forward and communicable. Too many families I have seen on care.com or other sites who say they need part time or full time care. We talk about wages and I go to the interviews. I have questions for them as well. Then they say they only want to pay me a really low salary below min wage an HR, or say they only need occasional care!


Hello Nannies: I have been a nanny FT for 10 years. Most of these families have had infants and I stayed until infant was age 3. I enjoy this age as the infant and new parents can be educated as to proper behavior and infant and toddler feeding and infant/toddler milestones that they need to learn. I have raised a 19 year-old daughter by myself, and worked 7 years as a infant toddler teacher Prior to becoming a nanny. I read weekly of nanny struggles dealing with 4, 7, and 9 year-old and older children, who are out of control, rude, angry and aggressive.

How to quit one family in nanny share and not the other

Hello everyone! First, I so wish I would have found this site a long time ago! Secondly, I need help. So here is the story. I was a nanny for a family for 4 1/2 years for the two most amazing kiddos ever! I started when the oldest was only 3 weeks old and her brother came home from the hospital on her first birthday. Anyways, they started school and the family was in more need of an Au Pair instead of a full time nanny. If it was only me and not my husband, dog, and cat, I totally would have moved in. :) The family and I are still in touch and see each other every now and again.

Question regarding almost 4 year old behaviour

Thanks for reading. I am a Nanny to a 23 month old boy full time, and also to an almost 4 year old girl part time. Earlier(April) I was told that the girl would have summers off from preschool. I'm fine with it, but I was not told this during the initial interview. I should have asked, but was so happy to find a position with good pay and hours. My pay was not increased when I started taking care of the extra child, and I do not get paid time off.


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