What shouldnt be miss in a good contract or agreement?

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for your help tthe last time, thaks to each of you who answer me you encourage me to quite.

Now I'am about to start with a new family.

So we agree on the weekle payment

andd I want to know what else do you sugest me to talk to them before start?


I recently wrote that I was fed up with my current boss (she is the grandma). I also went on to mention how much money she spends on the grandkids, I assist her with. Yes, it is none of my business, except she didn't pay me Friday and said she would pay me on Tuesday after the Holiday. She now has to pay me Full-time pay $600 weekly and I think it has already crimped her wallet.


Ok ... so I have wanted to leave for almost two years ...

I wanted to leave after I had only worked for this family a couple of months ...

I had been desperately poor and being a live in made my life more stable ... I had housing and financial stability...

I tried to leave last fall, but was given a huge raise to stay ...

But this last year I have become a live in maid, house manager, dog nanny, chef, tutor and nanny ...

Work at home parents

I just took a job watching a 4 month old baby. I wasn't made aware at the interview that the father works from home. It may not be an issue most of the time, but I was trying to avoid that situation for safety issues. I have heard Horror stories of inappropriate behavior on the father's part. The father is very nice, so that doesn't concern me. But it does make me a little uneasy with having a parent home while I'm sitting.. because if the baby cries, the father comes up to check up on him. It's hard to keep the baby quiet so he can work.

Girls and videos

I just don't understand why tween girls want to video themselves and then post it on the internet. Please someone explain this to me? The girl I take care of says it's just not fun to do an activity if she's not videoing it. She doesn't watch it back she puts it on musical.ly or u tube and then waits and counts the number of likes.

I seriously just don't get it.

Am I horrible if.....

So, I LOVE the family I nanny for-- the parents, the kids, and the relationship we have. I have been with them for 3 years now, and would love to stay with them longer. However, last year I had a facial nerve injury and it has made the job much harder--- being in pain, trying to schedule appointments, and having to be in "happy/ nothings wrong" mode around the kids even though I'm struggling with coping with my new chronic pain. I recently found out that my sister's daughter has been approved for medicaid and my sister has offered me the position to work as her caregiver.


New job... Should I quit?

Hello All,

I need advice on a new nanny position I just recently started, literally three days ago. Family has a 4 week old baby girl & 4 1/2 year old boy. Now during the interview the parents mentioned how wonderful their boy is but I coming to find out he is actually horrible. I have been a nanny for ten years and have never experienced such a hot headed kid.

Quitting a nanny job

Hey guys. Just looking for some advice here. I have been a nanny/mother's helper for a family since December of this year. I am a student so I have been mostly part time. Originally, I was on the fence about going to my hometown for July and August or staying here. I have some family things going on and have recently been leaning more heavily on going home for the summer. The family I sit for has no idea I have been thinking about this and the mom assumes I am staying and nannying the whole summer. I am stuck on how to bring this up with her.


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