Thinking about quitting

I just started a new position as on on call nanny for an agency. The problem I have is that I feel underpaid. $16 an hour for any amount of kids and no matter if they have behavioral issues of any sort. We are NOT allowed to decline a job for any reason. I havn't been getting many jobs so my pay is literally unknown each week. Especially that parents cancel when they dont need me after they have already scheduled! That has happened to me several times and I just started 3 weeks ago. That means I am not getting paid for what i thought i would be.

Frustrated and Isolated

Hey. So I have been with two wonderful families with two sweet babies. At first the long hours didn't bother me and I was okay but now I get to the weekend and I don't like to do anything on my time off except sleep and stay in. I'm a very social perosn and I love to work out. I work 12 hour days and I am away from my house for 13 hours. It's starting to wear in me. I don't have time to work out and when I get home I have about 2 hours to get stuff done as I have to be up around 4:15 to walk my dog. Should I cut back on hours? Is this healthy for anyone ?

No pay for weekend/overnight work

I recently did a weekend with my current nanny family. The parents had asked if I was available for them to go out of town. I said yes and that I charge a flat rate for sleep hours and my regular pay during wake hours. I also asked if I could be paid through a different source than our usual as (out of nowhere, which is another frustration) they made me start paying taxes. When I reminded my nanny mom to pay me she said she would pay me the flat rate for the overnight but they had enough "banked" hours.

bringing my baby to work- advice please!

Hello! I've been a nanny for this current family for almost three years. We have a great relationship and I genuinely care for the kids and I know the family cares for my little family as well. I bring my baby whose 8 months with me to work and I'm starting to struggle. I have a poor sleeper and a little explorer! She started crawling at 6 months and their house is in NO WAY baby proof!! They have a 2 year old but he was a totally different baby and we never had to baby proof for him. He was totally fine sitting down, not moving, and never wanted to pick up small pieces!

When to move on

This is the third nanny family I have been with. This family isn't bad by no means but I am finally learning what it means to not be taken for granted or getting ripped off with money. The family I am with now just gave me a raise so now I'm making $16/hr but I'm wondering when would be a good time to move on to bigger and better jobs? They seem to want to keep me for two years so thinking by then I'll be making $18/hr but what if they ask me to stay another year after that? When did you guys move on to make more money? My hope is to become a professional nanny making 80k+ a year.

Looking after kid's friend - no extra pay??

So I've been nannying for this family for four years now, no increase in rates and to be honest I'm not so happy with the family dynamic and their parenting style has recently changed and not in a way I necessarily agree with. I'm soon to finish my uni degree at the end of the year and already have a job lined up and so I've kind of had the attitude to just ride it out.



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