Hi Fellow Nannies: I have been a FT infant nanny for 10 years. This new family that I started with in August 2017 have an 8 month old beautiful baby. I noticed after 6 months that the dad's office in the hallway, two doors down from the nursery reeks of pot daily. At first, at 7 a.m., on arrival I smelled it at the front door. Then lately it has been in the hallway next to the nursery. I always go in and get the baby around 7:30, as she is asleep at 7 a.m. when I arrive.

Finally had the courage to quit my 5 years many job!!!

After 5 years I finally quit my job. After they found out they went crazy, My boss made her soon to be ex-husband call me, and when that didnt work she made her Mother call me. Her mother then offered me 35$ an hr LOL or I could name any price to stay with him. Now what upsets me, why didnt they do that when i was working nicely, and asking for more money? Why did they wait until I no longer wanted to be there to offer me more?

I’m pregnant, got let go

Hello all. So I am pregnant I am currently nannying. I nannied for the same family 2 years ago with their first born, left for about a years when he started school and I’ve been with them now since August. They knew I was pregnant from the beginning. I even told them if they didn’t want me I understood. They decided they wanted to keep me and we signed a contract stating that my last day would be March 2nd.

Attached Mommies

I'm in my third week nannying with this new family. The mom has a pretty flexible schedule. Today, she ended up staying until 11am. She throws off the schedule I try to create with the kids, creates chaos, and makes the kids wine and cry since she is around. How do I handle this? I don't want to make her leave at a certain time but it really does mess up what I have with the kids.

Leaving family

This is my second year watching a toddler, but this is the last year I will be watching him due to me graduating college and the family putting him into day care next year. His mom is a teacher so I haven't had him over the summer, just during the school year. Ive watched him since he was one, he'll be three this upcoming August. I get really upset thinking about saying bye to him, I watch him 5 days a week for 8 hours a day. Am I overreacting for getting upset for leaving him? I know I haven't really watched him for that long compared to some other nannies.

How to move on from being a nanny?

Hey everyone. I recently graduated university (finally!) I worked as a nanny all through my education because it paod a LOT better than anything else I could get. I enjoyed my time, but now I'm done. My question is, how do you find work in the professional world after five straight years of nannying experience? People don't seem to think that it counts as real work experience, and I wasn't able to do any internships while in school (couldn't afford to work for free). I've even had the words "glorified babysitter" thrown out at me during an interview.


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