I've been a nanny for this family for almost two months. I moved in at the beginning of august. I work for a single mom in the military. Honestly, this has been the worst job. I make five an hour and the children are horrible. They don't care about anything I have to say and they hit me and bite me which have left marks, they scream all the time and cry and it's exhausting to have to deal with. I'm a great nanny and I love children. I've done this for a couple years now and never experienced any of this before.

Being taken advantage of

Hi all, I have a few concerns. How many of you get paid gas compensation? I nanny for a 19 month old girl and have been with her since she was 3 months old. I got paid $600/ week when I started which is quite low for this white collar area. I work almost 50 hours a week. It came out to be $12/ hour plus change. When I hit a year, which I bit my mouth through the whole thing hoping I’d get a good raise, I got $25/ week extra. A normal nanny in this area should get a minimum of $25/ hour. Every month it seems a new task is added to my job.

Family wants to test me for HIV before they offer me a job??? WHAT?

Hey Friends,

So I have been talking back and forth with a family. They seem(ed) pretty cool and flexible. I have been a full-time nanny for a couple years but I am going to be transitioning into another career (being a full-time Ph.D. Student). So my time in the nanny industry is ending soon. :(

Live in nanny advise?

So my situation as a nanny is a little different. I have been a Live in nanny for about a month now. I nanny a 2year-old boy and 2-month-old boy. The kids are great and the family is nice. My duties include taking care of them, cleaning up after them & myself, and only a couple chores. The only problem I have is compensation. I'm going to school online and I do not have a vehicle. The family and I set up a contract that was never signed by either party.

Personal life- work life

Soo..I've been a nanny for a 9 month old since she was 2.5months.
I work 40-45 hrs a week, 10hr days 3 days a week and 5 hr days 2 days a week.
I love my job & the family. It's been a very rewarding position. In my last position I was an administrator at a day care ; going from a busy 300+ child facility to being with 1 single child.. no coworkers, alone time etc. has been very lonely. Recently i've been going through a very bad breakup, as well as dealing with other personal issues in my home life.

thing of going to other side!

I lost my nanny job for a 2 and 4 year old brothers cause they are in school full time. One I don't think 2yr old needs to be in pre school. But thats just me!! So since I'm 60 something, I'm thinking of going to the other side! Senior care!! Less ware and tear on this body and maybe more one on one, companionship and transporting. Has anyone done this type of care giving? Kids are physical, what ware and tear could a non medical sr. care consist of?
Still will look for one child to sit for tho.

Reflection post! When and why did you become a nanny?

Hi all! I've been a poster on this site for 1 year this month and let me tell you, I am so very happy I found this site! Before I became a nanny I was working in operations as a manger for a fitness center in my area. I was 22, newly moved to the area, and it was my first full time job out of college. I don't have a degree but my major in college was psychology with a focus on childhood development. Needless to say, I definitely wanted a more fulfilling job because working for a company that overworked and underpaid their employees was enough for me to throw in the towel.


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