How much to charge?

Hey all-I'm currently keeping two children-one girl who is 11, one boy who is 8. They come to my house during the day for various hours, (anywhere from 8 hours to 4 hours a day)but usually I am picking them up from camps and then taking them to their parent's office after I'm done. During the school year, I'm paid $15 an hour but I'm going to their house and then taking them to practice/games/parents office. What is an appropriate price to offer for the summer hours?

Inconsistent Nanny Families...

I've been a Nanny for over 7 years and never once have I encountered such inconsistencies with Nanny families, well up until a month ago. I was hired to take care of an Autistic 18 year old and the mom hired me immediately after the interview. When my start day approached, the mom nevet once contacted me. I should have known because during our interview, she made a point to tell me she drinks a lot and takes pills. In our interview, she rarely talked about her son with Autism, but instead selfishly talked only about herself.

Nanny cam and microphones

I just wanted to share a funny story. I applied for a job on and this lady messaged me and asked me to babysit the next day for 7 hours. We had not even met or spoke on the phone. I agreed because i have done that before and everything was okay. she texted me and said they have cameras all over their house and to not be alarmed. I was thinking okay i guess haha. So i show up and her daughter greeting me. Literally for 10 seconds and leave. Im left with a 2 year old and not even familiar with anything!

Doing my absolute best

I'm a nanny for 2 boys/ housekeeper. I have literally been doing my absolute best cleaning up , keeping the kids busy etc. the house was absolutely spotless at the end of my shift today but my boss called me in to have a talk about the two coffee mugs on her side bed table. We have maybe had 2-3 talks about anything she's concerned about the whole 6 months I've worked for her and this has been maybe the 4th, she's said she can't keep calling me to discuss things or it will get old! Meaning she might fire me?? I guess if it happens again. 2 coffee mugs? Her coffee mugs!

Baby issues, Please help! I'm exhausted!!

So I've started watching a 4 month old baby boy over a week ago. Father works from home. Great parents! But the issue is that the baby gets fussy a lot! He wakes up, gets a bottle, has play time on the play mat, but then quickly gets fussy. But when it's not nap or bottle time, just wants to be held and walked. Maybe bored? My issue is that for my 7 hour shift, I'm constantly entertaining him. He naps like for 20 minutes up to 2 hours. But when he is awake, he is fussy and I am so drained when I get home to the point that I'm dreading going beck the next day.

Completely Exhausted!

Hi all!

I nanny for family... I know, probably not a great idea. I watch my niece 45 hrs per week, for a little less than $3/hr. She recently turned one, and has become much more active. This is my first experience in child care, and I've been watching her since she was 3mos old. I must be doing something right, because she's excited to see me every morning, and getting great health checks at her pediatrician!

Not enough hours- HELP

So I am a very new nanny, though I have had lots of experience with children (camp counselor, coach, tutoring special needs children, ect). I have recently been hired by a nanny agency and I told the women that I am not comfortable with infants yet, since I don't have too much experience with infants. I am also going into college in August so I will only be doing this as a summer job. So far I have only been assigned about 5 jobs that are about 4-6 hours each.

Schedule to Rigid

Hi, I am a nanny for a 19 month old. The problem is our schedule. The baby does not sleep through the night.... ever. The mom is not a believer in the "cry it out method ". She works a lot and is exhausted because she is up with the baby at night. Because of this, the mom thinks that a very rigid schedule is necessary. She says the baby does sleep better at night if she sticks to this schedule: make sure she is up by 8am, has breakfast, has lunch or a heavy snack before nap time at noon, do not let her sleep more than 1 1/2 hours, then a light snack after nap.

Summer questions

The family that I work for has their kids in lots of activities and there's a few times throughout the summer that the kids will be away at camps. I believe it's fair that they pay me my full pay while the kids are gone because that's out of my control. Do you guys think it's normal for them to pay me my regular pay even though the kids won't be there?


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