Too many toys?

Hi everyone! I've been a nanny to a wonderful family with two boys, 9mo. and 4y/o for 4 months now, and they are the greatest. Ever since I started I noticed the 4y/o is easy to anger, gets overwhelmed quickly, and is always looking for space every now and then. I know that space is normal, but lately, and a few weeks ago he's been acting out a lot (having A TON of tantrums, screaming, and stomping off). The mom and I were thinking it might be an attention problem or still adjusting to the baby being here and adjusting to the balance of attention between the both of them.


The family I nanny for all managed to get sick over the weekend. :/ when I came in Monday I found a puke bucket near the bathtub in the kids bathroom... I was told to leave that they would take care if it... today (Tuesday) I've come in and see the vomit bucket in their kitchen sink with just a small amount of soap and water in it still w vomit all down the side- sorry gross I know- was this left for me to clean?! So I have to do dishes still ... I have no gloves or mask and not only is the bucket a problem, the children's toilet still has puke all over the seat.


Boss wants to pay cash

This is the 2nd time in 2 yrs that my boss brought up paying me in cash as he is paying my taxes. I am retirement age but would rather retire later than now! I am divorced so I can't hide in my husbands income. If I dont have income it sends out a red flag to gov. How does this work?? Its like force retirement!

Tired of being taken advantage of?

Hello Fellow Nannies: It seems that all of us at one time, as nannies, have been taken advantage of. I just quit in February two part-time toddler jobs that paid $13 an hour, 40-42 hours a week. That is average here, but I started looking for $15 an hour nanny jobs to start since February. None found or they were 25 miles away from my new apartment. One night a woman called me stating she needed a nanny. I did not apply to her job and had not been on her nanny placement site. I asked, how did you get my number. She found me on an old site I never look at anymore.

Doula- Midwife

Hey fellow nannies!
So I've been really considering becoming a doula/midwife but have no idea where to start.
I was wondering if anyone here is a doula/midwife or knows of any resources that would point me in the right direction?
I'm in Ohio, I know they have training classes all over. Is there additional schooling you need to have as well? etc

Live in nanny advice

Hey, I need some help understanding live in position. I work for a family with two toddlers. I work for 6 days a week, and my weekly salary is $400. I work from 7:30am to 8-9pm, to sometimes midnight with two hours of a break a day. That hours happen at the end of the weekday when they go out. She said I'm here when they need me so there's no schedule or set hours. The average is 12 to 13 hours a day. Is that normal? I'm asking to those who has been or are live in nanny. I also do house work like cleaning whole house. I feel like I'm being taken advantage of.

Red flags?

I had an interview with a family and they kept canceling and apologized multiple times for beig flaky. She texted me multiple times and I ignored her. I finally told her I have taken on a new position. She immediately calls me and her voice is unrecognizable. She said her family is sick and she applogizes. She said she wants to do the interview and she will wait until my current position ends to hire me. She said she wants to reschedule.

Mother's Day Gift Idea from baby

Hello fellow nannies,

I nanny for one 4 month old baby girl. The parents are first time parents, but let me start off by saying they are wonderful!
This will be the mom's first mother's day and I was trying to come up with some ideas for a gift that I could surprise her with from the baby.

A little about the mom: She loves to garden and be out doors, goes horseback riding frequently, is very healthy. Any suggestions?

I thought about one of those cement stepping stones and doing the baby' foot/hand print in it for her garden.


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