Raising a Shy Child

Your child is shy. Making new friends does not happen quickly or easily for him. He experiences social discomfort in crowds and around unfamiliar people. It’s not that you want to push your child to be popular, but you do want to help your child become socially comfortable and to foster quality friendships. How can you help your child reach these goals?

Nanny Confidentiality

Live-in and live-out nannies have access to private information in your household that you may not want shared outside your household. What do you do to prevent this information leakage? What do you do once information leakage has occurred?

Prevention is best accomplished by the following steps:

1. Screen your nanny candidates well. Interviews, reference checks, and background checks may indicate whether any of your nanny candidates are predisposed to information leakage.

Preparing Your Pet for the Arrival of Your Baby

What happens when your 4-legged friend becomes an “older sibling” to a human child? How do you prepare your pet for the arrival of baby?


Consistency is key. Your pet may sense that a lot of things are changing in his/her world. For example, the guest room is painted and furnished with baby things. This can cause apprehension. Try to maintain consistency as much as possible in your pet’s world. Where changes are made, try to make changes as gradually as possible.

National Nanny Recognition Week September 19-25th

National Nanny Recognition Week is September 19-25th, and is a great time to acknowledge your nanny for all she (or he) does for your family.  During this week, families are encouraged to focus on the positive aspects of the nanny profession, including the important role nannies play in families’ lives, and the wonderful contribution they make in the lives of the children they care for.

Parents can recognize their nannies in a number of ways, including:

When You Disagree with Your Child’s Teacher

Parents and teachers can’t agree 100% of the time.  Whether parents and teachers experience differences over teaching methods, a specific grade on a test or homework, or some other element of the educational experience, parents have tough decisions to make about how to handle those differences.  What follows are some tips on how to handle those differences successfully.

When Does Helping Your Child with Homework Become More Your Work Than His?

As a parent, you want to help your kid succeed and protect him from failures.  What should you do when your kid’s struggling with his homework?  Should you let him struggle?  Should you let him submit homework that you know is riddled with errors?  Where’s the dividing line between helping him with his homework and virtually doing his homework for him?  If you do his homework for him to prevent him from getting a failing grade, where’s the harm?

Get Your Child’s Tantrums Under Control

You have an intense child or a special needs child who occasionally throws tantrums or becomes over-stimulated and difficult to deal with . . . even in public sometimes!   Tantrums are typically exhibited by toddlers but can be exhibited by children of other age groups as well.  What can you do to limit the amount of time that your child exhibits tantrums (i.e., not beyond the toddler years) and to minimize the intensity of tantrums?

Preparing Your Child for the Arrival of Baby

You are expecting your second child.  There has been a lot of hubbub in your household related to the impending miracle of birth:  painting and decorating a new baby’s room; shopping for furniture, clothing, and supplies; and a variety of baby showers and excited visitors.  It’s easy to see how your first-born child may feel like s/he is losing significance in your world.  How do you prepare your first child for the arrival of the new baby and reinforce to your first-born that s/he is just as loved as always?

The Emotions of “Back to School”

You’re hot and sticky.  The house is a mess.  The kids are wildly running around the house and yard.  Disorganization and chaos reign.  But wait!  It’s . . . back to school time!  Normalcy in your world is about to be restored.  Are you relieved?  If you’re like most mothers, you’re feeling a host of emotions.  


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